Thursday, May 5, 2016

Skye High

We went to Skye the other week and we missed Kanye by mere days. THE INJUSTICE. The island was cold and bright and beautiful - all one could hope for from April. The trick is to expect it to rain miserably for the entire trip and pack accordingly. I sourced waterproof trousers and everything.

Our cottage didn't have wifi and it was bliss. I would highly recommend it, both the cottage and the disconnection. I (obviously) don't blog as I once did but podcasts and tumblr and netflix and gmail and iplayer and ao3 are still pretty central to my daily routine. I didn't miss them though. Occasionally it would have been useful to google something, addresses, opening hours etc., but otherwise it was hella chill. Give me a pile of books, plenty of warmth and 10 hours of sleep a night and I am HAPPY.

A couple of Skye favourites so I don't forget them:
  • The Oyster Shed: I don't know what it says that there is a market for fancy deli products on Skye? Good things if locals are buying and more worrying things if the only customers are pretentious tourists like me? Anyway, the farm shop at the Oyster Shed is fun but, more importantly, they do lobster and/or scallops and chips. I'm not big into seafood but sign me up. Beautiful views across mountains and inlets and a bracing breeze as you guzzle your garlicky chips.
  • Skyeskyns: It feels like there are more sheep than people on Skye. Maybe there are. They are everywhere, including all over the roads, and they give no fucks. They are the freest range animals I have ever seen and we spent a lovely hour or so at the Skyeskyns tannery stroking sheepskins and learning about the hands-on process behind them. So much passion and soft fluffiness.
  • Red Roof CafĂ©: Don't miss the enormous cheese scones. Local ingredients in fun combinations. Nettle bread and venison salami. Not cheap but very friendly and real coffee!
  • Skye Weavers: It's hard to say if I was more seduced by the pedal-powered loom or the colours and patterns inspired by local lichens. We spent twenty minutes wandering around in the sunshine debating the frivolity of one of their beautiful blankets before caving. I don't regret this decision. I quite want a pedal-powered loom now.
  • The Three Chimneys: Elegant, delicious, Michelin-starred. I had a pork belly starter because never have I ever resisted pork belly on a menu and a multi-beef main. Credit to the restaurant for making tongue not-revolting. I mean, I wouldn't order it again but it was basically inoffensive. The cheek though... now we're talking. Hot marmalade pudding. Also, lots of amuse-bouches which always pleases me. I am yours for 'free' food.


  1. I love running away from the internet and phone and cable and basically all distractions - glad y'all had a fun trip

    1. It was so peaceful... The olds are really onto something!