Sunday, February 14, 2016

Small Things

Sometimes life is busy and overwhelming. Balance seems impossible and you're exhausted more often than you're not. Which isn't to say that life is bad just that it is complicated and sometimes it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. I don't have an answer for stress. Take time for yourself? Exercise? See friends? Drink more water? Sleep more (actually this is almost always a good answer if you can find the time)? Re-evaluate your life and make assertive, positive changes? Fine, fine, sensible even, but time consuming and lacking the immediate pleasure hit that one sometimes need. Or that I do, anyway, because I am impatient and greedy. 

The above/below make me 5-10% happier on contact. It doesn't take much and it doesn't necessarily last but why would you look a relatively inexpensive, delicious gift horse in the mouth? These are small, good, cheering things:
  • Tregothnan Classic Tea: May I never recommend another product emblazoned with a Union Jack again. *shudder* This tea is grown in Cornwall (or, I think, 60% is) and it is really good. The price per bag is not sensible but I got a box in my stocking and I have very much enjoyed it as a weekend tea. It is strong and rich and vaguely local and I liked the flavour. It was deeply satisfying.
  • Whole Earth 3 Nut Butter: Holy crap, this stuff is amazing. I've only managed to buy it in my local supermarket once but it was life changingly good. I eat peanut butter every morning and almond butter on the regular and I've enjoyed a cashew butter in my time. Nut butters are my jam - I can't imagine a nut butter I wouldn't enjoy - but this reaches a new high. Peanut butter with the depth of cashew and the implied puddinginess of hazelnut. CRAZY GOOD, I TELL YOU. Catch it if you can.
  • Mini Daim bars: There are mini Daim bar wrappers down the back of my sofa and in the pockets of my coats. They drift around the flat. I'll admit that the individually wrapped chocolates are not environmentally friendly but they are also perfect and convenient. They have a more satisfying chocolate: almond caramel ratio than a full sized Daim bar and I LOVE them. R doesn't get it but he's wrong and they're amazing. Instant happy maker.
Also, border collies know what's up. Watch this Vine 27 times and just try not to grin inanely...


  1. 3 nut butter say what? Never seen this before. Reckon this will be hard to track down.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I've been relying on goldfish and Swedish fish to keep me sane - those count as real food right?