Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Life Snapshots


This is a bad picture of one of the most delicious things I have eaten at home in 4 eva. Thomasina Miers' Smoky-roasted vegetables with whipped goat’s cheese and toasted nuts. We're talking beetroot, leeks, paprika, hazelnuts, goats' cheese, lime, harissa... It sounds like a bit of a hot mess but it is ridiculously good. R made it for me and I died.

Walthamstow is a thousand million miles away but the William Morris Gallery is free and well worth a visit. I am working on a Morris book at the moment so I am predisposed to be interested but he was a legitimately fascinating dude. A craftsman, a traveller and a socialist. There's plenty of information at the gallery and miles of his wonderful design. Also a beautiful garden.

Walk around London. Obviously. But when you live in a place it is hard to remember that it exists. The weather is getting ever more unreliable but one of my new favourite ways to catch up with friends is to meet them for a walk. Pick a start point and an end point or whatever who cares; put your feet in front of each other and look around. I found a Nancy Mitford plaque. Speaking of, these new Fig Tree editions are goooorgeous.


The Mother of All Questions - Rebecca Solnit: The magnificent Solnit on child rearing, life choosing and Virginia Woolf. This is a wonderful essay.

Ina Garten Does it Herself - Choire Sicha: I find the Barefoot Contessa more or less unwatchable but I like that it exists and I like its enthusiastic fan-base. I also like Ina Garten and this is a great profile of an interesting and very successful women.

The Semiotics of Rose Gold - Rebecca Mead: What a dream! I love a close analysis of an apparently superficial fashion trend. I could have read 12,000 more words on the history and economics of 'rose gold' and our current obsession with it.

Anne Hathaway Can't Win - Anne Helen Petersen: I am a rampant trier, I work very hard at almost everything I care about and I make approximately nothing look effortless, and even I can't suppress the instinctive dislike of other strivers. Or, at least, I find it hard to like/not squirm at Anne Hathaway. I wish her well but I also don't want to see her doing embarrassing shit. "Anne Hathaway is nothing if not a woman-shaped aggregation of trying." - AHP is great on our gendered judgement.


Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta

Nicki Minaj - Truffle Butter

KStewart - Ain't Nobody

Jabilough/Wilough - Whatislife?

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  1. Amen to the Anne Hathaway article. I was in your neck of the woods last week but only for a short stopover :( Sorry to have missed you!