Monday, July 20, 2015

Life Snapshots

So I have a new job and it is beyond thrilling but, inevitably, this blog will suffer. I love it as a creative space and as a repository for previous versions of myself but it always bears the brunt of life changes. I hope that I can, at least, continue to post weekly and, let's be real, it has been a while since I've been more prolific than that. I like the idea of posting twice a week (ah, those fresh student days of posting almost daily... they seem impossible now) but between real life demands and the kind of posts I am interesting in writing these days.

  • Hump Day: The Utterly OMG ‘Magic Mike XXL’ - Wesley Morris: MMXXL is the best film of the year and, arguably, the decade and, perhaps, forever. More on this later. Wesley Morris is probably my favourite film critic and this is a great summary of the many pleasures of MMXXL.
  • How It Feels - Jenny Zhang: Jenny Zhang on high-school, clich├ęs, sadness, Instagram and Tracey Emin. Part of Tavi's issue of Poetry.
  • Just Don't Do It - Debbie Cameron: Someone recently (I can't remember who and I don't care enough to Google) said that women say 'just' too much and that, obviously, this is bad and holding us back. This is a comprehensive rejoinder to that argument and every other argument that the way young women speak is wrong, be it 'like' or uptalk or vocal fry or blah blah blah.
  • Naked Bieber, Jacked Aubrey, and a Life-Altering Question: Should I Get Swoll? - Rembert Browne: I don't really follow Rembert but then this happens or the glorious #SQUAD happens and I wonder if I shouldn't keep a closer eye on him. He truly is a master of tween boy angst and, although that doesn't sound particularly appealing, he is very funny.