Monday, June 29, 2015

Life Snapshots

I love a nice round-up. The internet (and culture generally) is increasingly difficult to keep up with and I have more or less given up on trying. The majority of my internet consumption is directed by a handful of people that I trust. I stumble across miscellaneous bits and pieces on Twitter and Tumblr but I fall back on recognisable humans.

On email: Jessica Stanley's Read. Look. Think; Ann Friedman's Newsletter; Margaret & Sophie's Two Bossy Dames; Jia's tinybitchtapes.

On blog: Stevie's Weekend Lists; Ana's Week in Clicks; Mallory's Gems of the Week.  

These women are all pretty thorough and I'm not but I thought I'd take a personally inflected shot at the format. If only to preserve my influences in (short-lived) perpetuity.

The Greenwich Rose Garden

  • Revenge of the Nerds - Taffy Brodesser-Akner: The always-excellent TBA on Taylor Swift's passive-aggression, plausible deniability and vicious words. Don't fuck with writers. Or, at least, don't fuck with beautiful, talented, best-selling, fearless writers who can mobilise an army of teenage girls against you.
  • Immaculate Self-Conception: Kim Gordon, Annie Clark and Carrie Brownstein on Instagram - Molly Beauchemin: The public expectation of 'authenticity' on Instagram; representations of women; how to display yourself as a woman within a rock, as opposed to pop, context.
  • Switch - Ceres_Libera: Seeking comfort and re-reading one of my favourite fics. I'm not a part of this fandom and am not familiar with the source material but the characterisation is good enough that it really doesn't matter. *warm glow*

  • I have fallen a little bit in love with Kacey Musgraves over the last few months and her new album Pageant Material is excellent. Looking at my general musical tastes you might not guess how much country music I was exposed to as a child but occasionally that upbringing will make itself felt.
  • A new episode of Shipping & Handling podcast dropped last week and that's always a treat.
  • I have a broad, often scatological sense of humour, love bad-ass female heroes and will watch every McCarthy-Feig collab until I die. Amy Schumer might be the future of rom-coms but I can only hope that McCarthy-Feig are the future of mainstream com-coms. Spy was deeply silly and I enjoyed it a lot. 
  • Lots of people on the internet love it but it took an IRL recommendation to get me to finally check out Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. The Australian 1920s flapper-detective is delightful and it's on UK Netflix right now. I'm sure that Agatha Christie fans will love this but I enjoy it as a Jeeves & Wooster fan and a general fan of the era. There's drugs and sex and murder but really this is good, clean fun.
  • The roses are in bloom in the Greenwich Park Rose Garden. They smell amazing and even on a rare, sunny weekend the eastern side of Greenwich Park isn't too busy (by London standards). I still haven't managed to visit the Ranger's House because the opening hours are very limited but one day I will get there.


  1. I saw Spy this past weekend and felt the same way. My sister + I laughed a LOT and as we were leaving the theater we overheard someone saying, "I guess that was somewhat funny." Whatever, lady.

    1. Foolish. Also, why would you go see Spy if you're not the kind of person to find it funny? The trailer isn't exactly misleading and there are two existing examples of the kind of humour you're going to get.

  2. Ahhhh love Stevie's roundups. I'm going to check out that immaculate misconceptions link, looks like a good read. PS, thanks for your comment. Check out those white 501s at House of Fraser, they're greatly reduced in there ;)