Monday, June 15, 2015

Food Recently: Weekday Dinners

Because I am endlessly interested by how people manage to feed themselves. My default for this time of year (and, bloody hell, British weather has been all over the place - June is not doing itself any favours) is a pulse + a vegetable + cheese and a big pile of leaves. Easy, delicious and moderately healthy. Or, at least, as healthy as will ever interest me. My idea of good health involves a generous helping of carbs, quite a lot of cheese and the odd bit of cured meat. Nothing has been deep fried so I'm feeling like a freakin' paragon of virtue right now.

Chickpeas with chorizo, roasted red pepper, spinach and goats' cheese : You know what I found interesting on our recent America trip? No chorizo. Not on the West Coast anyway. There were a lot of mildly spiced sausages masquerading as chorizo but no proper cooking chorizo with that delicious fatty, cured kick. Strange. This recipes contains so many of my favourite things. Re the recipe, you can play pretty fast and loose with quantities. I inevitably skip the chives and roast my own pepper (one is fine) because jarred peppers are a level of fancy that I have not yet attained.

Green lentils with feta and roasted red pepper : Basically everything can be made good with the addition of roasted red peppers and a salty cheese. Also, I love green lentils and they are legit healthy. Fellow anemics, for when you don't fancy a steak or a Guinness (often) lentils are high in iron. Eat with some raw spinach and feel a little perkier. Also, also, hummus is  the greatest condiment.

Roasted butternut squash with chickpeas and tahini : I suppose the red peppers and butternut squash are appealing to my sweet tooth? They certainly add delight to a warm salad. No cheese here but tahini is magnificent and savoury. And I could probably eat chickpeas every day for the rest of my life. They're just so versatile and delicious.

Bonus, all of these recipes make for excellent lunch the next day. You will win at tupperware.


  1. I want all of these in my belly now. I've been on a cucumber kick lately - with lots of sesame oil and garlic

  2. No, you're wrong. Cucumbers are the devil.