Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Menu

I made a celebratory Sunday lunch last weekend. Because food. Because why not. I was pretty pleased with how everything turned out.

Roasted beetroot with goats' cheese and ricotta mousse, toasted walnuts and cumin oil

Roasted pork belly with roasted new potatoes, home-made sauerkraut and watercress salad

Plum slump with vanilla custard


Plenty of slump was eaten but it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea and I wouldn't make it again. A slump is cooked on the hob and doesn't get a chance to brown or crisp up and it was a bit too gummy for me. Although it is classic Southern, the slump reminded me of Ye Olde Englishe dumplings and, although my dumpling tolerance has increased over the years (gyozas! wontons! pot pie!), I still found it too stodgy. Should you wish to investigate further I used the Baked Sour Cherry Slump recipe.

I got into pickles while I was in the States. I have been in love with pickled chillies for a while but I am now totally committed to most pickles (in moderation - I'm still an amateur pickle eater). Exceptions: pickled garlic and pickled eggs, these are too advanced for me. Since I've been back I have pickled my own chillies and made sauerkraut. I haven't tried the chillies yet but the sauerkraut is good and crazy easy. Small batches ferment quickly and I was very pleased with how mine turned out. Salty and crunchy and interestingly weird. A perfect accompaniment to fatty pork.

Skye Gyngells' roasted pork belly recipe is infallible. I have cooked it a couple of times and it is never anything less than freakin' delicious. From How I Cook, one of my most favourite cookbooks.

I cheated and bought a tub of custard because, imo, supermarket custard is amazing. Gone are the days of custard powder - the pots are cheap and awesome. Like pasta, home-made custard is something I think is rarely worth the extra effort.