Sunday, February 15, 2015

Issue 24: Nests and Homes

Issue 24 of Oh Comely is out now and I have a piece in it about home making and nesting and my nomadic years. The piece is called 'the more my houses change, the more my bedrooms stay the same' and you can buy the magazine at WH Smith in the UK and from independents internationally. I love my bedroom(s).

Other highlights:
  • Liz Ann Bennett on lostness, love and childhood, and children's literature.
  • Jason Ward interviewing Ana Lily Amirpour about A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night which I cannot wait to see. I think it may be getting a UK spring cinematic re-/release and I am happily awaiting the sullen, skate-boarding Iranian teen vampire heroine.
  • Sarah Miller's excellent piece on why not to cook.


  1. damn i should have picked up a copy for hollie when i had the chance.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. How flipping cool Chuck - congrats!!