Sunday, July 27, 2014

Issue 21: Garden Heart

Oh Comely - Issue 21

The latest issue of Oh Comely is out now and somehow it's Issue 21. Time Flies. The issue is garden themed and I wrote a piece about my childhood garden, rural upbringings, nostalgia and green pastures, the claustrophobia of cities, all of these things. There are interviews about rooftop gardens and bonsai trees and allotments. There's a piece about Lady Charlotte Guest and a great interview with Dan-Rad. He's so tiny and delightful. I am very fond of him.

There are also a couple of my older pieces up online if you can't get hold of Issue 21. I hadn't re-read them since they were published and it was interesting (admittedly, probably only to me) to see how my writing has developed over the past few years. It doesn't feel like it most of the time but progress happens slowly.

Butter Chicken - This remains one of my favourites. Who needs dignity??

Tantric Dance

Irrational Crushes


  1. Now I'm pissed that we don't get Oh Comely here in the States. I do subscribe to a magazine called Garden & Gun though :P

  2. Hollie's into this. You heard of Printed Pages?

    Buckets & Spades