Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remembering Alexa and Stating the Perfectly Obvious

I watched this excellent Lisa Eldridge video at the weekend and promptly fell down an Alexa rabbit hole. Good lord, she's beautiful. She's been around such a long time and is so omnipresent that I sometimes forget how strong her face is - the make up is lovely and right up my street but it's not like she needs it. At all. And it's nice to see her just hanging out off duty (Eyeko aside) and being husky and fun and gross. It took me right back to Popworld.

I haven't paid attention to Alexa in a while. I like her but I'm not a heavy duty fangirl and I don't really keep up with her career - I skipped It entirely because despite its pink prettiness it looked rather pointless and bookshelf real estate is at a premium. That said, the woman can dress! I have returned to her sporadically throughout the years and she has rarely looked anything less than awesome. She is consistent but not static. Her aesthetic isn't one I live and die by (there is no single aesthetic I can commit to, my attention span is too short, besides being the physical opposite of gamine) but it is hard not to admire...

All pictures via Vogue Style File

P.S. In many years of blogging this is the first time I have mentioned Alexa. Presumably that means I have failed as a (kind of) fashion blogger? Of course, 2014 is a strange time to introduce her here after so many years in the spotlight but she turned 30 in November and I am looking forward interestedly to the adulthood of the Chung.

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  1. Can she BE any more perfect? And having any longer staying power? Sheesh. Definitely a style icon to follow over the years