Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pleasant Surprises: Patterns @ Boden

Well, I never thought I would post about Boden... Life is full of surprises. To be clear and fair and all that, I don't have anything against Boden per se, it just occupies a world that seems impossibly distant from my own. Yummy mummies are real and the Boden woman is sunny and glossily perfect and smells like money. I am none of those things. I am grouchy and sometimes (let's be real - often) I can't be arsed to shave and I am so far away from spending triple figures on a mail-order cotton sundress it is laughable.

But, and god knows how I stumbled across this, they actually have some clothes on sale right now that I would legitimately wear. In particular, they have some very nice patterns and prints. I mean, yes, there is still a crazy amount of chintz going down on their website but there is also a splash of leopard and some vintage style prints that are super cute. I totally would, that's all I'm saying...


  1. Have you purchased their stuff? I always get their catalogues but don't know how the actual merchandise is