Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kiss My Lips (Or, Maybe Don't)

It has been over three years since my last lipstick post... Time passing! Craziness. My love of lipstick (and consequently my lipstick collection) have only grown since then. As of sometime-in-2011 I haven't been able to wear mascara and I have to be careful with eye make-up generally so I can't really do a 'statement eye' any more. If I want to do interesting shit with my face (and isn't that most of the fun of make-up?) I have to go down the lipstick route. Luckily, that suits me. Not physically, necessarily, because I 100% refuse to make make-up choices based on what supposedly 'suits me' - it is a colour on your face, just choose whatever makes you happy and own it. Like, why waste your time and energy looking for the 'perfect red lipstick' that flatters your complexion and makes your teeth look whiter and blah blah blah when you can buy five different red lipsticks and flit between them based on your mood and what you're wearing and the look you want to rock? It's much more fun that way. No, I meant that lipstick suits my temperament and level of dis/interest in the fiddly minutiae of make-up application. Sure, you can use lip liners and lip brushes and lipcotes at whatever or... you can whack it on straight from the bullet and have a nice time.

Below is my active lipstick collection - the lipsticks I wear all the time and really love. These are ace:

  • Nars, Semi Matte Lipstick, Funny Face: Bright, dark fuchsia shot with very finely milled blue shimmer. Dry, waxy texture but not drying. Very pigmented.
  • Nars, Semi Matte Lipstick, Shanghai Express: Dark, dusty red. Vampy but in a quiet way? Historical. Lipstick characteristics as per above.
  • Tom Ford, Lip Colour, True Coral: People are not kidding around, Tom Ford lipsticks are NICE. Yeah, they're crazy expensive but this was a gift and I luuurve it. It is a perfect coral, bold but not shouty. Totally wearable and perfect with a breton shirt. The colour pay off is excellent and it is so creamy and gentle. Long lasting for a cream formula and generally ace. Plus, the packaging is lovely.
  • Revlon, ColourBurst Balm Stain, Lovesick: Clean Barbie pink, a tiny bit of blue shimmer but barely noticeable, the texture is the thing here. It is a balm-stain-gloss-lipstick-easy-peasy-colour-thing. It's so straightforward. Draw it on and it stays all day. It is super comfortable and, magazine cliché aside, you really can just throw it in your bag. Also, super useful for filling in any other faded lipstick - red, coral, burgundy, it goes with everything. I am fond of the petal lip look.
  • YSL, Rouge Pur Couture, I'm not sure what the colour is, the label has worn off, maybe Le Rouge?: Very red, classic movie star red. Creamy formula, easy wearing. Not as long lasting as some, not as non-drying as others but a good all-rounder.
  • Revlon, Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick, Mauve it Over: A slightly lilac-y nude. This isn't too brown or too pink or too concealer-y. The 'lustrous matte' finish is kind of odd but the colour is great.
  • Revlon, Super Lustrous Lipstick, Fire and Ice: Fiery, orange red. Still a true red rather than an orange or a coral. I swear, this red would suit everyone. Or, at least, it has suited everyone I have so far forced it upon. 
  • Rimmel, Kate Matte Lipstick, 107: My prime autumn red. Burgundy, rich with a touch of pink, dark but not gothic. I mean, I love gothic but there is a time and a place and this still works for the office. October perfect. These Rimmel lipsticks are hella drying but they're very pigmented.
  • Rimmel, Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick, 22: Vibrant dark pink. Zing. The Kate Moss colours do go well with clothes. Not explicitly fashion-y but still on trend. Lipstick characteristics as per above.

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  1. So fancy my dear! I actually don't own any lipstick of any sort - what would you recommend for a beginner?