Friday, May 23, 2014

Lena Luvvin'


Truly, the internet is full of unexpected delights. Would you look at this naked Hannah Horvath t-shirt?? What a joy. If I had the spare cash and the approximately appropriate body type this would be on my chest, like, yesterday. Amazing. Clashist are generally a fine discovery in the world of (semi novelty) printed t-shirts. Steve Zissou polka dots! Plus, their lookbooks are really well styled and I have a legit crush on their quilt print t-shirt, less immediately hilarious though. V natty all round.

Actually, I probably shouldn't let my body type stand in the way of my personal taste. Hannah would not roll with that! Not that Hannah's personal style and inability to buy clothes that fit are necessarily something to emulate but her body confidence is. I am in love with Lena Dunham's body. I don't feel ownership of it, I found the whole Jezebel debacle was rather unpleasant, it felt out of step with their campaign to undermine unrealistic and destructive beauty standards; the photoshopping was minimal and even with it the editorial wasn't pushing a fantastical, harmful vision of female bodies. She still looked like herself, she still looked plausible and human. I just feel like the $10,000 could have been spent on any number of more useful exposés. And Lena Dunham has been so generous with her body already that it felt petty. Anyway, I love her enthusiastic nakedness in Girls and I thank her for it. Perhaps it is weird to say that I feel happy every time I see her naked (yeah, weird, I think) but I do not care. It is so refreshing.

I think I am talking myself into buying this t-shirt and I can't really afford it so I had better stop. Basically, awesome t-shirt, cool brand, lovely Lena. N.B. I haven't talked about Girls on here before (I was super mega late to the Girls party as per every party ever) but I do have many thoughts. Maybe I'll explore them at a later date, maybe not, but basically I acknowledge the flaws and Series 3 didn't totally work for me but I do think Series 1-2 are things of glory and Lena Dunham is great. Series 4 is filming now and I am PSYCHED.


  1. Someone needs to do a Zissou all over every item you can imagine

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I haven't watched Girls but you should buy the shirt - I'm convinced