Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ice Cream Catch-up

London is still mostly grey and miserable but between the pissing rain and howling winds and grey skies there are flashes of unexpected and magnificent sunshine. I even managed to get some particularly strange patches of sunburn last weekend because I am the pastiest of English roses. Summer isn't here yet, it's still some way off, but it seems possible again. In honour of that fact my ice cream habits are picking up and, more relevantly here, I am intent on fully recording them. Repeat Scoop is back up and running after a kind of winter hibernation and I will be trying to update it fairly regularly.

In recent news, Snowflake, Creme Egg Mini Cones and Oddono's. All for your (my) ice cream pleasure.


  1. Oh yeah, it doesn't have to be summer to enjoy the good ice creams!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Okay none of these scoops look big enough. At all. You need to American-size those orders

    1. Ahaha, I totally don't. It's already a struggle to get into my non-stretch jeans... Plus, this way you can have more. Ice cream cunning.