Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Girl Crush: Oh Land

Oh Land FB (Cherry on Top) / Narwhals Land

I liked Oh Land (Nanna ├śland Fabricius) back in the day but I love her now. Her latest incarnation, both musical and aesthetic, for her third album Wish Bone is delightful. Blonde prettiness is all well and good but give me blue weirdness any day. Her music is fun and danceable, her style is fab and her hair is AMAZING. The Pyromaniac video (so catchy) marks my dream hair right now. Pale blue grey + shoulder length + micro fringe. *Swoon*

As per usual I'm mega sick of my hair. I’m almost never not sick of my hair and really that has more to do with me than my hair. I have perfectly nice hair but I am broke and lazy and moderately afraid of hairdressers. This means that I only get it cut maybe every 6 months-3 years and I am incapable of holding out for what I actually want. In turn, this means my hair is always in some state of half grown out demi mullet. It doesn’t matter if I ask for a straight trim or something more drastic; hairdressers just seem to love cutting ugly, blocky layers into my thick hair. I do not get it. In defence of the hairdressers, there is also the matter of my throat length blunt fringe and my six inch mouse-on-ginger roots. Most of the responsibility for my crap hair is on me.

In my dreams, I would have Oh Land’s hair. In reality, there is no way I could cope with the maintenance (oh yeah, and not really office friendly). Also, bone structure. I need to constantly remind myself that mimicking a hairstyle does not magically turn you into the original hair-wearer. I have made that mistake before… Still, the take away from this is that Oh Land is lovely and I want to have her head on my head but given that impossibility I shall dance awkwardly to her music instead.


  1. I have also never seen her before but her hair is so...perfectly out there.I wish I could pull of minty, pastel-like colors. Alas, I too, always need to check myself for some of the same reasons you've stated: not really up to the maintenance, not really super workable for professional grad student appearance, and I don't think it would work too well with my face! I'll just admire her hair from here and daydream!

  2. Okay yeah her hair is flipping awesome and her eyes are mesmerizing - new obsession!