Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Article Reading Group

Elizabeth, from a fab series by Jordan Carroll

Gothic Tuesday: Northanger Abbey - Sarah Rees Brennan: SRB is a gift and a delight. I only came across her fairly recently (thank you, Mulp) so I have a whole internet back catalogue to browse through. Unfortunately, her Gothic Tuesdays series, where she parodies Gothic novels, has now finished. Fortunately, they are all available on her LJ! Read them and try not to snort hot tea out of your nose.
CATHERINE: I suppose you don’t read novels? 
HENRY ‘ACTUAL QUOTE, HE’S SO FINE’ TILNEY: The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel must be intolerably stupid.
CATHERINE: I am going to hit it like the fist of God.
HENRY: Beg pardon?
CATHERINE: Nothing! Please continue to talk about books!
23 Hairstyles That Are Physically Impossible To Do To Your Own Head - Mallory Ortberg: It is a daily struggle not just to throw in the towel and reblog everything Mallory has ever written. She is a golden goddess and I love her. This post is very true and neatly elucidates many of my problems with hair. Hair is hard. Hair comes in two settings - dirty and clean. Whatever else people claim you can do with hair is a lie.

'The Other Woman': When Terrible Movies Happen To Funny Actresses - Linda Holmes: I thought this article was going to be more of an exploration of the awkward position of female comic actors but actually it is mostly a properly cross review of 'The Other Woman'. If the trailer alone wasn't enough to put you off the ridiculous looking film Linda Homes's funny and fully justified rant will be.

SHOULD I GO TO GRAD SCHOOL?: AN INTERVIEW WITH SHEILA HETI - JESSICA LOUDIS: I heard Sheila Heti read from How Should a Person Be? recently and she was sweet and charming and little and she chose to read some very explicit, rather unpleasant, intensely interesting passages from the book. I liked her a lot and HSAPB is high up my To Read list. She is surprisingly prickly in this interview/discussion about grad school/educational systems but she has lots of really smart, inspiring things to say about learning outside of formal institutions and becoming an artist and a rounded, informed human. Parties and peers are the answer, apparently. And books obv.
I like what Eileen Myles said about mentoring—that she prefers “parallel” to “hierarchical” mentoring; that is, learning from one’s friends and peers, rather than from more successful, established people. I agree.
Sleep as Resistance: Hejinian, Whitman, and the politics of sleep - Siobhan Phillips: Well, this is right up my street. Sleep as a positive action - sleep resists capitalism! You can neither produce nor consume while you sleep; sleep as a mode of resistance! Plus, there's poetry. 'Our sleep has no conclusion... / Sleep is as abundant as the world is incomplete.' All my favourite things rolled up into a thoughtful essay.

Get That Life: How I Founded Jezebel and Became a New York Times Columnist - Anna Holmes interviewed by Jill Filipovic: Ok, so crappy title and I can't believe I'm featuring Cosmo on here but Holmes and Filipovic are both legitimately interesting feminist writers. The article doesn't really tell you how to "get that life" but it is an apparently honest (warty) look at her career path. Plus, it's always reassuring to read about successful people who did not nail their 20s.

Zac Efron Bros Down To Grow Up - Anne Helen Petersen: *Slow clap* This extended (7,500 words) article is epic. Clearly, AHP's move to Buzzfeed is working out well. I find Zefron grotesquely fascinating and this looks at his attempts to transition from teen idol to adult star/functioning human being as well as the history of the teen and matinee idol (holler at Rock Hudson) and the relative financial successes of performing different modern masculinities. That sounds boring and verbose but that's just because I am horrible at summaries. This is so good. Read it.

That is a strong selection. *Casually high-fives myself* If you have any article recommendations or you have enjoyed any of the above then do let me know. So many good words.

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