Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dumdums Donutterie

Almond crème & pistachio cronut / Raspberry crème cronut
Crème brûlée donut / Raspberry preserve donut
from Dumdums

I don't get cupcakes. I find them supremely pointless. A doughnut though... that's a whole other matter. They unite three of my favourite things - sugar, dough and fried food. Admittedly, after I ate fourteen jam doughnuts in a single break time as a thirteen year old I had to take a year or ten off to recover but I've been back in the game for a while now. Just in time to catch the haute-donut craze. The idea of spending real money on doughnuts (the above box didn't leave me much change from £10) seems vaguely ridiculous but a cronut is a glorious, literally heart stopping thing.

The Dumdums cronut is, perhaps, not quite as delicious as Rinkoff's but their opening hours and new Boxpark, Shoreditch location are considerably more convenient. And the raspberry crème cronut was particularly beautiful. Plus, they have all sorts of other fancy doughtnuts - the crème brûlée shell cracked charmingly.

Bring on the fancy doughnut joints. Doughnuts all round.