Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Sound

Friday Sound is back and it is coming to you from across multiple sources. I was going to say 'multiple mediums' but I don't know if that is true? They are all 'music on the internet' (my level of technological knowledge/awareness) so probably not? Who knows...? (Informed people, they know).

Frankly, I'm shocked I hadn't come across TYCI before. I'm not sure what TYCI actually stands for (is it just me or is it not entirely clear from their website? It could be me, it feels like today might be defined by my not-knowing/being with it) but they are a Glasgow based women's collective and they have a regular club night that I can't go to because I don't live in Glasgow. If I did I'd be all over it. Maybe I'll visit. Luckily, until then, they also have a music podcast that is hosted by, among other excellent Scottish ladies, Lauren Mayberry (of CHVRCHES - see her calling out sexist arseholes on the Guardian). They play music by women, unsurprisingly, and they play lots of exciting new things and they chat a bit and it's charming and I'm picking up lots of new favourites and you should check them out. Episode 9 tracklist below:

1. Satellites - EMA
2. Cold Caller - Blood Indians
3. This Is What It Feels Like - BANKS
4. Keep Passing By - Ink Project
5. Cut My Teeth - Peggy Sue
6. Digital Witness - St. Vincent

Continuing in a lady vein, my favourite kind of vein (that sounds weird...), this Rolling Stone Ultimate Girl Group playlist is pretty great. Maybe these wouldn't be my personal 'ultimate' thirty girl groups, and to be fair they are using the term quite specifically to mean more than 'groups made of girls', but I'm still really enjoying listening to this. It is just so upbeat and delightful. There are so many 'The' bands! It feels like sunshine.

Less sunny but no less worthy of your time, Angel Haze's first studio album was released in the awkward, unreal non-time between Christmas and New Year and hence missed both the Best of 2013 lists and the Psyched for 2014 lists. Haze forced the release so I suppose she's happy to forfeit the attention she might otherwise have received to get the record out earlier but it's a pity to me that she's being overlooked. This isn't a perfect album, I prefer her hip hop sound to her pop covers and this errs towards the latter, but there are some great tracks and she's clearly put a lot of love into it and when she hits her stride the rapping is flippin' amazing. It is a solid, official start to her career and hopefully her official releases will eventually catch up to some of the fire of her mixtapes. She's still awesome and totally deserves support and attention.

Girl power, innit.

Chuck x

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  1. My love for Angel Haze grows each day. I randomly came across her myself. And while I also prefer her hip-hop to the pop covers I can't say no to anything she puts out into the world right now!