Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Sound

I have a long-standing affection for M.I.A. I bought and loved Arurlar as a sixteen year old and have followed her ever since but I found /\/\ /\ Y /\ patchy at best and Bad Girls is just a bit dull. Y.A.L.A though, the third track to drop from her upcoming Matangi, makes me feel hopeful.
[N.B. I will shortly be taking an Atlantic/Agents of SHIELD stance on Maya's aggressive over use of the full stop. My little finger hurts.]

Sooooo good. Listen to his interview with Jesse Thorn.

This Fleetwood Mac cover cd is a thing of intermittent glory. Not all of the songs are perfect but I'm very much of the all-Fleetwood-Mac-all-of-the-time school of thought where almost any Fleetwood Mac is happiness. Plus, Haim. What a bonus. The Kills cover of Dreams is excellent too.

Chuck x

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