Thursday, October 3, 2013

Coat Conclusion

A-posin' and a-poutin' in my lovely new Cos coat

Reader, I bought the coat. It is a thing of great beauty and loveliness. I have been desperately, sweatily wearing it daily despite London not really being cold enough for coats yet. Ordering it online was an excellent decision because it turns out it looks amazing with pretty much everything I own. Everything goes with burgundy. Especially burgundy. The above monotone outfit was supposed to be a joke but I maybe love it? The perfect, quiet Cos detailing doesn't really come through in my crappy pictures but let me assure you it is delightful. I feel very sophisticated in my new grown up coat. I love it - it was a great choice. Thank you for the encouragement!

Chuck x


  1. Oh, I really like it! It definitely looks cozy

  2. You made a wise choice, wise wise wise. Classy stuff.

  3. is this the first photo of you on here btw?