Monday, October 28, 2013

Cake Marvelous Cake

It has been an unnaturally long time since I last baked. Between life being busy and doing some proper, interesting savoury cooking it has kind of fallen by the wayside. I made a super quick celebratory GBBO finale cake last week though and it felt goooood. There is something so soothing about baking - I need to make the time for it.

  1. The recipe calls for 'unsuphured molasses (not blackstrap)' but I had no idea what this was and didn't have time to Google it before hitting the shops so I just bought and used Lyle's Black Treacle. Having done a quick web hunt I am even less confident of what molasses actually means in the context of American recipes - it seems to cover everything from golden syrup to tar. Looking at the colour of Joy's cake I suspect she used something less hellishly dark than black treacle but golden syrup would definitely have been too light... Luckily my result tasted great even if it wasn't quite as the recipe intended, the black treacle made it taste powerful and grown up. That being said, do not try eating black treacle out of the tin, it is very overwhelming.
  2. I don't know whether it was the black treacle or the vegetable oil (which generally freaks me out in cakes but which did work here) but this was a lovely dense, fudgey cake. Obviously it shouldn't, technically, have sunk in the middle but now it is heart-shaped!
  3. More pomegranate seeds are always the answer. They make everything delicious.
  4. As if more proof was needed (it wasn't), own brand cream cheese does not do the job - too thin, too grainy. You really can only cook with Philly or better.
  5. I used half quantities to fill a loaf tin.
Also, in other news, I have started a new ice cream blog: Repeat Scoop! Because a) I don't have enough on my plate and b) ice cream is the greatest thing. I'm only going to be updating it sporadically but it is going to be 100% ice cream.

Chuck x


  1. this looks amazing, anything gingerbread and I'm sold!

  2. oooh this looks nice. Pomegranate seeds do always make things better! x