Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Words on Clothes

Things I want: slouchy, casual, cool word jumpers. 'Slogan jumpers' sounds all wrong for this new breed.

Things that my body shape will make baaaaad: slouchy, casual, cool word jumpers. Admittedly my body conspires against many such garments. Damn bosoms.

But they're so natty... Sad maths. Will just have to admire these from afar.

Chuck x


  1. I wouldn't mind the bien/fait one! I remember how growing up, my classmates and I would often wear clothing with English slogans we didn't always understand (French is my first language)... Some of the most memorable being "some girls are made lucky" in gold letters across the chest of one girl, and "gold digger" across the butt of another. The above tops are in a completely different category (which is both cool and fortunate at once)!

  2. I know we chat about it often but I still don't think I'm too grown up for shirts with words on them - you should do it and shape be damned!

  3. About the only one I would be able to tolerate is the Bien one. That is, if I were as skinny as the model and able to pull that entire look off.

  4. I sometimes feel the same way but, when it comes down to it, I cannot resist a good, comfy jumper. I would love that Acne know, if I could afford it!

  5. I'm not a fan of words of stuff but you know, these seem kinda classy