Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On My Face

  • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: I know some people don't like the rosemary and eucalyptus but I love how this cleanser smells and my skin loves cleansing balms. All water based and foaming cleansers leave my skin feeling painful and tight and I never feel like cream/milk cleansers actually get my face clean. 
  • L'Oréal Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Solution: I like to take my makeup off before I cleanse because a) my foundation trashes flannels/muslin clothes, b) I want to clean my skin as well as remove my makeup and I have yet to find a single step that successfully does both. This is just as good as Bioderma Crealine and less than a third of the price (currently on offer at Boots, £3.33).
  • Avène Hydrance Optimale Riche: This is relatively new to me but I'm enjoying the gentle and light but nourishing moisturising cream first thing in the morning. It is pleasant and unobtrusive and it doesn't seem to be upsetting my sensitive skin.
  • Botanics Organic Facial Oil: I have just finished a bottle of this and I'm considering re-buying it. That is a big deal for me since I've normally got my eye open for newer, better skincare. I'm not under any impression that this is the best facial oil on the market but it smells great and is pleasant to use and the price is unbeatable (£9.99!). This is too oily for me to use for day but my skin slurps it up in the evening and I think facial oils generally help with my skin texture.
Things I have my eye on: Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm (I will be buying this when I finish my Liz Earle), Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster, an exfoliating toner (maybe the Clarins one?), a rich moisturising/repairing oil or serum for night time (any ideas? I'm hearing lots of good things about Origins at the moment).

I am very interested in skincare, mostly cos I've got crappy skin. I have the worst case scenario of horribly dry skin and nasty spots. It sucks. I spent a lot of my adolescence using aggressive, drying acne products that did nothing for me except make my entire face flake off. I've since come to the conclusion that topical treatments have little or no effect on my spots, antibiotics don't work and aren't good for you and I'm unwilling to inflict Roaccutane on myself. My best case scenario is to keep my skin otherwise healthy and well moisturised and then just rock my mad foundation and concealer skills on a suitably prepared base. That is an uphill battle though since my skin is so dry and sensitive. I have yet to find any products that completely, successfully moisturise my skin but I am trying...

I could talk/read about skincare all day. I love expert and user recommendations. Do you have any favourite products, processes or sources? Caroline Hirons is obviously amazing but who else? What should I buy next? What is going to change my skin/life? (I'm all about research but I'm also totally a sucker for hope!).

Chuck x


  1. My skin is very similar to yours, and while I'm no pro and still having problems (thanks sunscreen for a wonderful constellation of spots) I've found a few products that really changed things for the best. I have been using Dr Hauschka's Normalising Day Oil mixed with Kiehl's Ultra Creme for a few years, the first to help with the spots and the second to help with the dryness. I only go through one bottle of Dr Hauschka a year since I mix it, so it's not too expensive, and if you're tempted to try it, they also sell a tiny travel format that should be enough for a good 3 weeks' testing. Dr Hauschka's rose creme is amazing too, but sadly out of my budget for the amount I like to wear :( Thanks for the tip about the L'oreal micellar solution, I'll give it a try once I'm done with my Crealine!

  2. When you find a good night time moisturizer that isn't too heavy, please do let me know. I've moved from a very damp and humid climate to an incredibly dry one and I know, come winter, my skin is going to HATE me.

  3. I think I also have similar skin to you. It's gotten a lot better as I've gotten older but it is still a bad combination of dry/oily/spotty. Boo!

    My go to product is REN Rose O12 Ultra-Moisture Oil. It is basically slightly fancier rosehip oil. It is a really pricey bottle but it lasts me months and works really well for me. I use it every morning and it really makes my skin far less dry without being too oily. Regular rose hip oil is also good and much cheaper, although I found it didn't work quite as well for me.

    At night I either wash my face with St. Ives apricot scrub (3 times a week or so) or do a simple clean with La Roche-Posay thermal spring water spray. I thought the idea of buying water to spray on your face was fairly ridiculous until I moved to London and experienced hard water for the first time. As I don't wear make up most days it is just a nice way to clean off the dirt from the day without using anything too harsh.

    In terms of spots, I must admit I still use a harsh drying acne cream when I have spots coming up but it does tend to make them disappear quite quickly. I'm probably drying my skin out far too much though and really need to re-assess this so I don't end up super wrinkly at age 30. I think a night moisturiser/oil might be good!

  4. oh gosh I'm so glad I found this post! I use the Avene and the Liz Earle already, but I'll be going to buy that L'Oreal product tomorrow; I've been looking for one for ages! Really interested in the facial oil too, I am currently using Shu Umera but once the sample runs out I don't think I'll be able to buy the full size - this one is much more reasonable. xx

  5. oh also, it sounds like you have very similar skin (and skin problems) to me and I recently discovered the brand REN which is amaaaazing on my skin. it's quite pricey but one bottle lasts a long time so very much worth it :)