Monday, September 16, 2013


On Food Sharing:

There is food sharing that I am good at - sharing my table, sharing a meal with my nearest and dearest. I love having friends over for dinner. I love cooking for people. If you come round to mine I will feel like I've failed if you don't leave with your jeans unbuttoned.

There is also food sharing that I'm bad at - sharing the food on my plate (THOSE ARE MY CHIPS also those chips on your plate, those are my chips too, all the chips are my chips) and sharing my cooking on my blog. I would fail as a food blogger because I am too busy with the cooking and eating to take beautiful pictures. My food is beautiful and I want to spread the love and the experience and the recipes but it is always long gone by the time I think of my camera.

This is a pity but it probably isn't going to change because I can't imagine ever prioritising future mementos over current experience (the future over the present - check me out, so carpe diem). So, instead of beautiful Kinfolk style pictures of our shared repast, here is my menu:

Sherry, Prosecco, rich red wine

Parma ham, salami al finocchio, burrata caprese stacks

Arancini!! (I used the Polpo recipe which is for a zucchini risotto stuffed with mozzarella)

The melanzane alla parmigiana of dreams, frisée salad

Walnut & honey semifreddo (also Polpo)

You guys, I made arancini! It was so exciting. There are things about the recipe I would tweak (the risotto was slightly under-seasoned to my taste and I think it could take more flavour generally, also, the polenta gives a nice crunch but it doesn't really colour up when you fry it so I think I'll mix in some panko/breadcrumbs next time. Plus, I doubled his mozzarella quantities and it was perfect, less would have been stingy) but it worked and made recognisable and delicious arancini. I'm definitely going to use it again and have a play around with some different flavours and combinations. The mozzerella was all stretchy and the risotto was all unctuous and they were all finger burning and hot out of the oil and awesome... Good times.

A note on the Polpo cookbook, it is very beautiful but the recipes don't necessarily jump out at you next to the bright and glossy maelstrom of internet choice. This is the first time I've done more than wistfully flick through it. Clearly I'm an idiot because it really is hard to beat brilliant Italian food. Also, the recipes are WEIRD. I spent most of my time in the kitchen looking dubiously at various mixtures and thinking it had all gone horribly wrong only for everything to come together at the last minute. Note to self: you know less than professional chefs and restaurateurs. Sad fact. That said, the quantities are a bit whack - both recipes made considerably more than the instructions suggested. I will never ever complain about too much food though + all my friends are greedy. Just, don't be tempted to double anything!

Chuck x


  1. So I dunno, I like the sound of the unbuttoned trousers, sign of a strong meal but I also like sharing. No stealing mind you.

  2. The thing about food bloggers... doesn't their food get cold before they get to eat it?

  3. I am looking up an arancini recipe immediately because cheese and risotto - what more could you want??

  4. Oh I know I would love that meal very much - sounds so good! x

  5. Mmm that sounds delicious! My cooking method is to check the ingredients list and throw it all together like I'm channeling Raymond Blanc. It gives me hits and misses.
    RE. your comment - I haven't read Pitch Dark. It has been lingering on my wish list with Speedboat!