Friday, September 13, 2013

Coat Conundrum

I don't know why everyone complains about buying jeans. The perfect pair may be elusive but it isn't that difficult to buy a pair of serviceable jeans. NOT SO COATS. All I want is a warm, dry, single-breasted coat. It needs to be on the darker end of the colour spectrum to hide the London dirt and I would rather it didn't make me look wider than I am tall. Why is that so hard? I know that an attractive, warm, waterproof coat is an impossible dream but you'd have thought that two out of three would be do-able... Well, no luck yet but I'm nothing if not stubborn.

Clockwise from top left: Simone Rocha / Jigsaw / Zara / Topshop / M&S / Oasis

What there is an abundance of at the moment is pink coats. The shops are awash with them at every price point. And they are delightful! I have been having daydreams about that Zara number. Sadly though I would destroy these bad boys. I am far too grubby for pale colours. It would be awful - can you imagine one of these with a backpack? It would get messy.

This multitude serves as an excellent reminder of the enduring beauty and influence of Raf Simons's final collection for Jil Sander. It is perfect and eighteen months later it is everywhere. Let us sit back and remember it fondly... *le sigh* Also, any and all coat recommendations HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Let's make this happen. I am crowd sourcing this bitch.

Chuck x


  1. I like the one slap bang in the middle. Hollie's mum has a cracker from COS, all big, long and shapes going everywhere. You know the vibes.

    Try COS for sure, or maybe Toast? Though you'd need a cheque book for that.

  2. I know what you mean... You'd think that with the winter we have here, in Canada, we'd get semi-decent coats in the shops but no, most places either sell puffers or ultra-thin wool blend coats. I've found that the Hudson Bay Company made proper coats (thick wool, actual quilted lining, a hood that's meant to fit a head instead of being a giant thing flapping in the wind) for about 15 years from the late 60s-early 80s, and I finally found one in my size after keeping a shabby, too big one for the coldest days for a good 3 years. Were they a bit more appropriate to our weather, I'd probably get this ( coat or this ( one from Aritzia - their quality is usually pretty good.

  3. COS have an amazing one in the shape of the Simone Rocha one but in either bottle green or navy. Most of my coasts are from Topshop and have lasted me YEARS so there's good too. Good luck, I'm having the same conundrum too! x

  4. I'm the absolute crappiest person when it comes to buying coats. But you know what I do want? A really cool, hardcore leather motorcycle jacket. Because I'm still 13 at heart and pretend I'm hardcore