Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Tale of Two Coats

It's like Dickens but with less Victorian melodrama and more mid-range Scandinavian design. So not all that much like Dickens really. As most people suggested on my last coats post, COS is rich in coats. I had a chance to pop in the other day and these two caught my eye. COS has lots of egg/bubble coats with aggressively rounded shoulders at the moment which are all very nice on the hanger or in a lookbook but, unfortunately, make me look almost totally round which is close enough to the truth for me to eagerly avoid them. These two have enough shape while still having enough room for plenty of additional jumpers. Which is good because they are basically glorified cardigans. These are not thick, heavy coats but they are fairly warm and I like to layer and I am persuading myself that you don't actually want/need a very heavy coat in London? The sleeves push up nicely and the lack of collars is a pleasant change from previous coats I have owned - I feel like they might work well with enthusiastic scarf wearing (one of my top hobbies - you don't even want to know how long it took me to track this down - tumblr, y u so unsearchable??). They're slightly different shapes but they have a lot in common. The big question is colour - green or burgundy...? In store I was 50/50 but now I'm erring towards burgundy. I like green but I love burgundy (I like my Sketchers but I love my Prada backpack - n.b. chocolate raisins may be making me a bit manic). But I already own quite a lot of burgundy so would I be able to wear my new coat with my existing clothes? But I probably couldn't wear a green coat with my existing burgundy either...

I don't know I don't know. I'm thinking about going back to buy one of these tomorrow but I'm super indecisive. What do you think? Advise me/make my choices? Please?

Chuck x

P.S. I maybe promise to be less mad in the future.


  1. mmm I like the burgundy one best. both are very pretty though x

  2. Oh god - the burgundy one! It's growing on me the more and more I stare at it. And you know you have to take pictures of the coat you end up getting, right?

  3. Yeah I see the problem here, they're both as nice as each other. They look thick but clearly not, odd that. I'd say the burg is a nicer looking colour but the green would go with more?

  4. I have the green one but in grey from Cos last winter. It is a great shape!! I love it so much.

    However to confuse things I do like burgundy better as a colour and that one is so nice. You can wear an amazing monochrome burg outfit!!

  5. They are beautiful and incredibly tempting. I think you could convince me about not needing a heavy coat in London because every time I get there I feel like taking mine off or swapping for something lighter. Special place, special coats, I guess. :)