Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Success


Food trends can be daft and infuriating. Tim Hayward has an interesting piece in the latest Fire & Knives (NOOOO! It is going to cease to exist as a quarterly magazine and become an annual book! This is a tragedy!) on the bleed of High Concept cinema into food culture - our valuing of pitch over product. However, sometimes trends can be yummy. 

One of my loveliest friends lives near Rinkoff Bakery, an old school wholesale bakery who have introduced the New York 'cronut' to London, so we thought we would go and explore. Despite the trend food Rinkoff's is a professional working joint rather than a yuppie hangout so if you work standard hours and don't live next door it is Sunday morning or bust. 

A cronut, or crodough as Rinkoff call them, is a croissant-doughnut hybrid:

The Cro-dough brings out the best in the croissant and the doughnut.  Our Rinkoff's croissant pastry fried like a doughnut to give height and a layered effect.  We then fill the Cro-dough with 3 different flavours; custard, raspberry and fresh cream.  

Personally, I would say they were more like 30% doughnut, 30% yumyum, 15% croissant, 5% churros, 10% magic. They were crispy and doughy and flaky; fried but not greasy; coated in sugar and cinnamon. I would pass on the cream crough but the custard and raspberry were both excellent. They're also enormous - I still feel a bit queasy from heavy duty over indulgence. You win this one, food fashion...

Chuck x


  1. Heard about these in NY yeah, also heard people were trading them up to $500! Not sure I'm having that bit though.

    So does it improve on the regular donut?

  2. Ooooof now I'm craving churros

  3. This sounds weird but kinda interesting! I think I prefer 100 % croissants though..

    Oh yeah my grandmother just happened to be a fan of Sri Lanka, not sure why.. she went several times but in the early nineties.. x

  4. No you didn't! These look amazing! Glad I stumbled onto your blog! "30% yumyum" <--love that