Wednesday, August 14, 2013


FKA Twigs - Water Me

This just blew my mind.

What a trip.

This is so visually striking. The styling is amazing. She's so weird-pretty (my favourite kind). The music is so woozy.

Other spacey female RnB:

SZA - Country

Phlo Finister - Hotel Miami

Interestingly, all of these girls have Tumblrs - twigstwigs, See.SZA.Run, phlolove. They are very lovely, consciously styled and aware of their images. Either they or the people around them are beautifully presenting/curating them. I'm not expressing an opinion on that (yet), just remarking on it. If I was a hackneyed journalist I might point out that three is a trend but I'm not so I shan't.

While I mull over all of this I shall enjoy the current new wave of trippy, zoned out ladey rnb. It is gooood.

Chuck x


  1. No you make a good point. The ice cream does look good. Maybe I should add it to my list of stuff I'm into... Along with trippy music chosen by Chuck...