Sunday, July 14, 2013


Yottam Ottolenghi is my jam. I probably make at least one of his recipes per week. My copies of Ottolenghi and Plenty are grubby and well thumbed. He has noticeably changed the way I cook and eat. I just love the vibrancy of his colours and flavours, his gung ho attitude to herbs and spices and his respect for vegetables. I'm not technically a vegetarian but I like to minimize how much meat I eat for a variety of reasons and he makes that so easy.

We had a birthday picnic this weekend and he came up trumps. Look at that plate full of deliciousness! So bright and exciting. This is what summer should taste like.

Green Couscous (coriander, parsley, dill, mint, tarragon, pistachios, spring onions, green chillies, rocket... FO' REAL) - by me.

Spicy Moroccan Carrot Salad - by me.

Goat's Cheese Tart with Red Onion Relish - by R.

Sweet Potato and Green Bean Salad with Maple-Mustard Dressing - by R.

If you don't already own an Ottolenghi book you should probably get on it. If you do what is your favourite recipe?

Chuck x


  1. That carrot salad looks AMAZING! x

  2. Thanks for including the Sweet Potato Salad recipe! We can't get enough of it. But then I might be a bit biased. :) - Em (The Pig & Quill)

  3. Okay I'm DEFINITELY getting on it because that's a feast for the eyes. And super healthy looking too

  4. Plenty and Jerusalem are well used in our household!

    I LOVE his green couscous as well! And I also have a soft spot for his Tomato Party recipe, especially when the weather is like this!!