Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chad Wys

Opus 2 / Nocturne 112
Opus 5 / Skin

Nocturne 113

In his own words, Chad Wys is an artist, writer, designer and image thief. In my words, he is delicious. I haven't been so instantly drawn to a contemporary artist in a long time. It is probably the mixture of old and new, found, readymade and collage that sucked me in - I struggle to resist a nice bit of classical art and history. It is the rough beauty and strangeness that really gripped me though. It is hypnotic. I want to wallow in his work.

So I have fallen quite swiftly and aggressively in love. What's up with you?

In other art news, too late to be of use to anyone, the Barocci exhibition at the National Gallery was totally wonderful while the Picasso at the Courtauld was a bit of a waste of time.

Chuck x


  1. I am really rather in love too x

  2. i'm speechless with goosebumps on my arms

  3. i've seen this work before and it really stood out for me too. the first one with the dots messes with my eyes

  4. I'd love to own the top left work and have it up in my place