Sunday, March 17, 2013


I think that all creative industries have a lot to learn from Amanda Palmer and other self funded artists. I was writing the other day about the internet and cultural change and here it is being used for good. Palmer's record company didn't like her sales figures so she left and funded her latest album through a record breaking Kickstarter campaign. She doesn't think that people should be made to pay for music - she thinks they should be asked to. Most of us want to support the artists we connect with and believe in and the webz can let us do that.

Follow up - Felix Salmon on content economics and what Palmer's success means to the internet at large.

I was unconvinced that this would be my kind of talk (word like 'green' and 'holistic' have been overused and abused to the point that they make me cringe away from an article/speaker for all the I might agree with their basic concepts) but I needed something to distract me from the tedium of washing up and the TED curators are pretty reliable so I thought I'd give it a shot. Good call me! Fascinating and unexpected. Allan Savory has learnt the hard way that our current way of thinking about livestock, desertification and global warming isn't working - his solution will surprise you.

An old favourite. I love her despite never having read any of her books. She's a fab speaker, interviewee and features writer. [I just had a quick look and I can't believe I have NEVER linked to her Coyote Ugly article!? Thank gosh I've amended that.] Eat, Pray, Love is never going to be my cup of tea but I will read The Last American Man at some point and her new book sounds fun. I will also watch this talk every six months or so.

I do love me a TED talk. They are just perfect sized chunks of exploration, inspiration and learning. Learning is the best. I want to learn everything. There is so much to know and I so often feel woefully ignorant but these 15-20 minute bursts from experts feel like a start. Have you seen any good new talks recently? Any old favourites?

Chuck x


  1. I did really enjoy Amanda Palmer's TED talk. I had only followed her activity through Neil Gaiman prior to this but I may have to start following her directly now

  2. Big dd and Ap fan for years, buti admit, the asking for money from her kinda rubbed me wrong. I think it's because she's successful, not a starving artist, and married to Neil. But I get what's she's saying and I donated to the campaign. Hated the album though!

  3. Learning is the best!! I've only seen a couple of TED talks so far but will be watching the ones above asap, thanks for the links always lots of food for thought here!