Thursday, March 21, 2013

Floral Glory

"The brainchild of former Take 2 Model Director Melissa Richardson and i-D designer Jocelyn Lloyd, JamJar offers bespoke floral designs in an eclectic choice of beautiful vases and jam jars. Pouring passion and personality back into floristry by the vase-load, Melissa and Jocelyn inject floral fantasticness into London’s leading fashion houses and design agencies on a weekly basis, as well as turning their green fingers to weddings, parties and photoshoots up and down the country” 
i-D Magazine,  Summer 2011

All flowers by Jam Jar

London-based Jam Jar are pretty much my dream florists. I just love their aesthetic. You can buy their flowers by the jam jar, pickle jar, kilner jar or bucket. Their arrangements are beautiful and interesting and unpretentious. The combinations of different flowers and colours; the styling; the unexpected twists. I bet they smell delicious. Their wedding settings (take a perv at their gallery) are swoon inducing. I want to surround myself with their loveliness all the time.

Some pretty heavy hints have been dropped in our house. Maybe though I should just use them to bribe myself - finish all the boring, niggling chores on my To Do list and reward myself with a jam jar? That sounds reasonable...

Chuck x


  1. these look seriously amazing, I think a jam jar is a well deserved reward xxx

  2. Oh these are so beautiful. I'm now lusting after jam jars (and buckets) full of flowers. Gorgeous.

  3. these are gorgeous, I think I've pinned some of their creations actually! I'd also recommend you check out Achillea flowers in North London ( - similar delights and odds and ends to be had. x

  4. Gorgeous delicate flowers! I like! xx