Tuesday, March 5, 2013

By the Bed

Titian - Mark Hudson
Regency Buck - Georgette Heyer (because I haven't re-read one in ages and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms)
The Emperor Mage - Tamora Pierce
Tales from Ovid - Ted Hughes (permanent bedside addition, perfect)
A Visit from the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan (because I never got round to reading it when it came out with such fanfare)
Hexwood - Diana Wynne Jones

This is why I'm unlikely to ever run a marathon/make my own pastry/become a socialite - when I have any free time all I really want to do is snuggle up with a book. Well, that is one of the reasons anyway. My bedside book pile is in a constant state of flux but this is the current snapshot. I've been thinking a lot about children's books recently and nostalgically revisiting old favourites and exploring new ones. Tamora Pierce and Diana Wynne Jones both stand up to re-reading and I am planning to write something proper about childhood reading, fantasy and women at some point. That may or may not be an excuse to work through their respective oeuvres. John Green's latest book has received a lot of popular and critical acclaim so I thought I'd give that a go and see how contemporary children's writers are doing it. I am still quietly regretting not getting to take the Children's Literature module at university. It could have been so interesting. In another life perhaps.

Aside from that there is my fairly standard mixture of delightful fluff, contemporary fiction and interesting non-fiction. Plus, Ted Hughes's Metamorphoses which I always come back to. Despite this healthy looking pile I am always nervous about running out of things to read. Do you have any recommendations? What do I need to put on the pile?

Chuck x


  1. I really need some new reading material (and a little bit of an attention span to read with!) x

  2. interesting mix. Have you ever read William Boyd's books? He's written loads and I'm slowly working my way through them.. x

  3. Aw I read Visit from the Goon Squad a couple of summers back & really enjoyed it, her first one American something was really great too. Someones just given me Slaves of New York to read & it's short stories (which I'm always a little weary of) but already it's just amazing. Really interesting characters. How about non fiction?

  4. Is it bad that I also prefer books to people? I always feel a little guilty about that. Hmmm, good read lately? Carlos Ruiz Zafon - from one fellow book lover to another