Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ansel Adams

Following in an artistic and watery vein from my last post, this weekend R and I finally got around to visiting the Ansel Adams exhibition at Greenwich this weekend. Photography from the Mountains to the Sea, which is on at the National Maritime Museum until the end of April, includes over 100 of his great American photographs as well as three of his huge photographic murals. They've done a lovely job on the exhibition and it is organised into spaces by theme - sea and surf, rapids, rivers, waterfalls, snow and ice, geysers, clouds and reflections. That they can muster so many clearly defined water based sections is an indication of Adams's obsessive interest. He photographed water again and again, in all its forms, with such beauty and emotional consideration; maybe even more than the epic American landscape it was his most important subject. Not to underestimate the American landscape, it looms magnificently over the exhibition, of course! Oh my goodness, the show made me want to run away to explore the national parks and the California coastline. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Sequoia -  I want you! The space and the grandeur and the overwhelming force of nature. Adams was so connected with it all and he communicates it so perfectly that I just want to pack a bag and run away...

Apparently life doesn't work like that but if you do have the chance to see the exhibition jump at it (if you have the chance to be maxing in Yosemite then what are you doing here reading this??). It is peaceful and gorgeous and stirring. Perfect for a grey London Sunday afternoon.

Chuck x

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  1. Wow, that must have been so much black-and-white splendor! I want to run away west too...but alas, it's too far right now.