Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Rough Beauty

I love the rough, organic loveliness of Polly Wales's sapphire bands. They are so hotch potch and no two rings are the same. They're all spontaneous and natural and childishly beautiful. Polly Wales's background is in sculpture and I think it shows - the stones are cast directly into the gold and they seem to emerge from the metal. They are pretty. I want one (maybe two).

That is all.

Chuck x


  1. I love the look of them. I haven't clicked through to see the prices yet.. x

  2. hodge podge? ;) i adore these!! i think they'll go on my bday wishlist!!!

  3. They're lovely! I honestly could see wearing that sapphire one every day!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Those rings are beautiful - you've described their childlike beauty perfectly.

  5. I want one, or two, or three, myself, but this seems unlikely on my limited budget!

  6. Love, love, love!!!

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