Saturday, January 19, 2013


Jenni Spark's notebooks are much more presentable than mine. Must try harder. Although she makes 'price comparison website' look cool which is obviously not possible so I might have set the bar a bit high. My scribblings, shopping lists and inane notes to self are not going to measure up against lettering, doodles or illustrations aesthetically. Still...

She does excellent Music Monday blog posts with illustrated song lyrics and I'm seriously considering one or both of her London/NY maps. You should probably check her out.

That (almost) neatly segues into Real LifeTM request - I'm going to New York, eeeeeeeee, and I want advice/tips/places to eat and shop and have fun. I'm more or less a child of the internet and I have limited trust in guide books, I want all the personal recommendations I can get.

Second, less glamorous piece of housekeeping: I have a bunch of odds and ends on ebay for sale tomorrow. I'm probably posting this a bit late but it has been a deeply weird week.

My incoherent fondness to one and all,
Chuck x


  1. Those notebooks are fabulous, I wish I were more creative!

  2. New York? How exciting! I have a few cousins that go there like every weekend. Magnolia bakery would have to be a must, I would think. If you ever go to Portland, Oregon, I'm the gal to call :)

  3. My doodling never looks that good. Hmm, I've heard great things about Eataly in NYC. That should be a super fun trip

  4. i agree with rooth, mine never look so artful. nice find. oh ny, very sweet