Sunday, January 27, 2013

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“Roses” by David Sims for Visionaire #40 via the Vamoose
Dutch still lifes 4 eva

  • Had you realised how many of John Jeremiah Sullivan's articles were available to read on You probably had because they've been there for ages but I totally hadn't. It was/is a delightful surprise. I have a raging author crush on him and am earnestly trying to consume everything he has ever written. GQ is being very helpful which is kind of weird. I don't understand GQ at all - GQ US has published some really great essayists (JJS, Elizabeth Gilbert, Edith Zimmerman) but I've flicked through maybe one copy of the paper magazine (the UK version) and it was just vapid trash. Why such a discrepancy GQ?? You clearly can recognise great writing... Anyway, straying from the point here. I don't know if I could pick a favourite JJS piece but Violence of the Lambs (the animal kingdom has had enough and is beginning to fight back) and Upon this Rock (the author attends a Christian rock festival) are excellent places to start if you are looking for a way into his work. My annotations: Stingrays! RVs!
  • Speaking of raging author crushes, Roxane Gay's short story Break All the Way Down is brilliant and brutal and so compassionate.
  • Personally I think this article has been a little bit over hyped by the internet but it is still a good read. The collision of egos that was inevitably going to result from Paul Schrader, Brett Easton Ellis (eugh eugh and double eugh), Lindsay Lohan and James Deen working together was always going to make enjoyable copy. Actually, scratch that about James Deen, he seems to have been the only professional on set most of the time.
  • Why Rape Isn't like Sunburn - because sometimes you find out that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be playing Julian Assange and you just know that they're going to make him out to be an awkward hero and gloss over the rape allegations and this is going to reaffirm everyone's belief that he is a put upon victim of circumstance and female malevolence because women are liars and rape is relative and while he is innocent until proven guilty his victims don't deserve the same courtesy or a fair trial and you are full of rage and The Vagenda gets that and raises salient points.
Any recommendations of your own? I have caught up on a lot of sleep this weekend and I feel mostly human again. I am raring to go and full of enthusiasm (more or less). I want to be inspired. I also want to be one of those people who doesn't really need sleep and wakes up at 5am bursting with energy - they have so much more free time. You can't have everything you want though, I suppose, and sleep is one of life's greatest free pleasures. 

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