Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Itchy Feet

British Vogue Apr 2012
Bruce Weber - Photographer
Joe McKenna - Stylist
Didier Malige - Hair / Aaron de Mey - Makeup / Dimitri Levas - Set
Moa Aberg - Model

Good weather, bare legs, loose cotton dresses, backpacks and sunglasses, drinking wine from the bottle, lounging on grass, reading instead of doing anything else, sunshine and blue skies. I love England in great weather but mostly these things make me itch to go travelling. This weekend was so beautiful and, gosh, I want to fly away on an adventure. I want to be back in Sicily basking in the sun, hitchhiking and sweating on trains, knocking back cheap black wine... Or lounging in foreign city parks with a baguette and some salami and a book. Being dirty and happy and on the road. Meeting new people and living on a shoe string. No rush to come home. I want to be on the move somewhere hot...

Oh, and it's not going to happen this summer. Sad times. Do you have a block of freedom this summer? Are you going adventuring? Please can I live vicariously through you?

Chuck x

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go has been half-heartedly on my To Read/To Watch list for a while. The premise sounded interesting and I love Carey Mulligan and there was a lot of hype but I still bear a lingering resentment towards the author of The Remains of the Day (not a fan) and I'm not keen on Keira Knightley and there was a lot of hype. I have mixed feelings on hype. Anyway, my mental pros and cons list basically balanced out and I never quite got round to it... until now. One of the joys of Lovefilm is that eventually you have to watch all of the films you are idly interested in - our subscription has expanded my cinematographic landscape a lot. And guess what? I feel as apathetic about the film as I did before I watched it! I was unimpressed. There is a sense of an interesting book behind the film, I wouldn't rule out reading it, but I don't think the film works. It is flat and the characters are insubstantial and unsympathetic and it just feels like it is failing to meet intentions. Meh. That said, it is very beautiful and quietly atmospheric. Norfolk and Clevedon pier are lovely, the muted colour palette is soothing and the clothes are great. All the browns and greens and grey are strangely compelling. Faded student/charity shop chic at its best. And I still love Carey Mulligan.

She is perfect.

Such lovely colours. Such lovely Carey. (What is with Tommy? He is so rubbish. I don't get why either of them were after him. He is so unalluring.)

To give her credit, Keira's hair looked great. Also, lots of interior decorating ideas.

Beautiful England.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Next on list of my aesthetically pleasing but slightly uninspired looking films - The Edge of Love. Another Keira vehicle interestingly. Not that that is all I've been watching, I watch actually good films sometimes too, but more on that later.

Chuck x

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lovely, Gaudy Sparkles

Lesson One in Life According to Dolly: All rhinestones, all the time.

Lesson Two in Life According to Dolly: More is always more.

She is so wise...

My life really needs more sparkle, preferably some from Parisian Shourouk Rhaiem's eponymous jewellery brand. Shourouk makes lovely, gaudy sparkly things that I want. A lot. Her stuff-explosion look is right up my street. As much as I enjoy minimalism in theory, on other people's bodies and in other people's houses, I am a maximalist at heart. I love how she combines styles from different eras, different textures and cuts, neons and fabrics. So glittery and hypnotic and nice...

I don't have anything useful to say. The winning combination of a bad cold and bad hay fever means that my brain is 100% snot at the moment and 0% intelligent thought. This jewellery is pretty and I like it.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it though. I'll have to make a note so I don't forget - pop to village chemist, buy a lurid glasses holder/cord/thing, affix vintage rhinestone brooch, proudly wear natty new necklace about town. Wisdom from the mouths of babes (and the vaguely unwell).

Chuck x

Sunday, May 13, 2012

American Dream

It was a delightful friend's birthday this week (felicitations, lovebug!) and she had a roughly Americana themed party. She cooked up a Barefoot Contessa American feast - sticky bbq chicken drumsticks, amazing potato salad, slaw, chips and dips... It was awesome. On arrival, I sat in the corner and effectively refused to talk to anyone until I had put away a slightly disgusting amount of the delicious food. I'm a charming party guest. 

My first clothing thought on hearing it was an Americana party was 'Dolly Parton'. Obviously. The woman is a goddess.

I love her so much.

Unfortunately, this was about two hours before the party - disorganised, I know, but in my defence it wasn't an actual costume party - and I didn't have my hairspray or my Bedazzler. You can't do Dolly without rhinestones or BIG hair. In an aside, what do you think is in there? All of the world's secrets, presumably. Also, weirdly, my wardrobe is sans cowboy shirts. I have denim shirts and plaid shirts but they're not the right kind. They lack the 'stylised yoke in front and in back' (thanks, Wikipedia). Also, no snap pockets, patches or embroidery. Dolly would be very disappointed. So I had to put that idea on hold. Another time DP, another time.

Instead, I went with another American icon - the rebel. Marlon Brando, James Dean, Danny Zuko... Angry (sexy sexy) young men with a timeless uniform; blue jeans, white t-shirt, black leather jacket. Now, that is something my wardrobe can do.

Simple, classic, perfect.

Americana - Marlon Brando

Americana - Marlon Brando by chuckmisc featuring high rise skinny jeans

Not that I looked quite as brooding and dangerous but I tried. I do have a new pair of Gap jeans that are IT. They're the perfect colour, cut and fit. Dark indigo with zero effects - no fading or creases or rips or nothing. High cut, slim fit, £19.99 in the sale. They're basically a dream. Admittedly, they're my standing up jeans (hey Cougar Town). Not so good for bending or sitting down but scorching for a nice bit of standing. Arguably, being an angry rebel probably requires a little bit more flexibility but I can't resist the way they hug my tummy.

Anyway, the morals of this story are that rebel stylingz are awesome, blue jeans/white t-shirt/leather jacket are the triumvirate of cool and Marlon Brando is sex on a stick. WOULD.

Chuck x

Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

On a Friday and everything. Check me out...

Clockwise from top left:

Natalia Grzybowski's Hybrid collection is just beautiful. Sculptural shapes and intricate botanical florals. It is a divided collection - half pure, virginal white, half prints. The forms of the clothes unite the halves. It is really lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing what the recent University of Technology Sydney graduate gets up to next. Via Foxtail + Fern.

The new Hilary Mantel book, Bring up the Bodies, came out yesterday! I'm mega excited. Margaret Atwood did a good review for the Guardian. I can't really justify buying the hardback but I'm hoping our library might get it in stock...

Rap music does make me feel invincible - I want this tshirt. I could wear it when I'm striding through my endz, blasting my music and generally feeling gangster. Cos I am super gangster. Obviously.

These sunglasses are lovely; two tone turquoise, gold luster inlay and sapele wood. Handmade semi-precious sunnies. Miniature works of art almost.

And actual art. Caitlin Shearer has been posting lots of beautiful work recently. Portraits, her new textiles and dress designs, awesome temporary tattoos. You name it. It's great when artists you like get all prolific.

Chuck x

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not Such a Preview

Sweet chilli sauce / Mustard / Ketchup

So I'd meant to post the above picture as a super quick preview for the next issue of Oh Comely. Except I didn't because I'm useless and time got away from me. Oops. And now Issue 10 is out and this isn't really a preview at all and what can you do? Anyway, the latest issue of Oh Comely is now out and I've got a couple of bits in it - adventures at an auction, the horrors of tantric dance and DIY condiments. Seriously, I love condiments, they're the best. I haven't sat down for my classic cover-to-cover reading with a gallon of tea yet but I've had a quick through and it looks like another lovely issue. You should try and get hold of a copy. And make the sweet chilli sauce. It is awesome, if I do say so myself...

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hangover cures are a hotly contested area of science. Everyone has a favourite. I always think that Skittles and salt and vinegar crisps are a good place to start. Also, noteworthy; a fry up, a long and bracing walk, industrial quantities of paracetamol, a duvet and a box set, a skin burning shower. There are those who talk about the hair of the dog but the very thought of alcohol on top of a hangover makes me feel nauseous. Everyone can agree though that tea and cake (honey, lemon & chamomile in this case - not bad although pound cake kind of baffles me) will cure most ills, even those caused by overenthusiastic dance moves and margarita consumption. That, and Destiny's Child c. 2000. What can I say? It's been one of those days...

Chuck x