Sunday, January 29, 2012

Youth Influences

I wrote this maybe a year ago and found it again the other day. The fashion references are a little out of date (ah, how time flies in the fashion bubble) but the rest is still relevant to me so I thought I would post it. Mostly it is just full of fond memories. Anyway... 

I presume it was fairly early on in my childhood that my mother decided she needed to pick her battles. I was born wilful and she can’t have had the energy or the inclination to fight them all. As such, while I grew into an A-grade student and escaped adolescence sans baby or drug addiction, I have never had a tidy bedroom and I have always been allowed to dress myself. As well as being wilful I was a ‘creative’ child and I liked to express that creativity sartorially. I scorned Petit Bateau, Breton tees, baby chinos and burgundy smock coats. No French enfant chic for me. I favoured table cloths, tea cosies and clothes pegs. The clothes pegs were essential both for holding my table cloth gown together and for decorating my tea cosy hat. Even aged four I knew that it was all in the accessories.

The greatest indulger of my youthful fashion fancies was my maternal grandmother. I was grandchild No. 14 (seven more followed me) and she has always claimed that this constant flux of children and stroppy teenagers kept her young. Certainly she was gloriously blasé about what I chose to wear whenever I came to visit. I have fond memories of stomping to the playground with her wearing nothing but my pants, pink jelly shoes, an enormous pile of her necklaces and a bath hat. I presume that we got some funny looks on our way but Granny and I were unfazed by these narrow-minded doubters.

I guess you could have called me avant-garde. I liked to push boundaries. Specifically, I liked to push the boundaries of my mother’s good taste. I instantly recognised the clothes that she wouldn’t like and wore them constantly. A cruel family friend gave me a bright orange velour t-shirt and a purple chenille polo neck for my sixth birthday. As my mother recoiled in horror I fell violently in love. I liked to wear them together, luridly clashing the colours and clearly pre-empting Gucci’s recent collections [SS11]. I knew how to colour-block as a child and I look forward to dressing in orange and purple (and blue and green and pink) again this summer even if I pass on the questionable and rather sweaty fabrics. I will be taking Raf Simons and Frida Giannini’s spring shows as my contemporary references but I will also be a little bit inspired by my six year old self who knew that you shouldn’t be afraid of colour.

As I grew older my style became more conscious but I don’t think I ever looked ‘normal’. When I was thirteen I moved to a school where I didn’t wholly identify with my peers. I made friends and had fun but I was wary of becoming ‘one of them’. They maintained a strict social uniform of Miss Sixty jeans, pastel lacy vests and cashmere cardigans. I found the uniformity of taste unnerving and restrictive and I rebelled against it. Flicking through old photos I am happy to admit that I looked a fright but I am also proud of my teenage self and her determination to remain true to her slightly deranged aesthetic. One exemplary picture shows me standing amongst a group of my friends who all look pretty and ladylike while I look as mad as a bag full of cats. I am grinning from ear to ear and sporting a lurid, Hawaiian print t-shirt; a ruffled, pink polka-dot mini skirt; neon fishnet socks and lots of homemade plastic jewellery. That was pretty much me from 13-15. Marc Jacobs polka dots, check. Topshop Hawaiians, check. Christopher Kane neons, check. I just had the ingenuity to combine those looks! I wasn’t following any particular trend or genre (clearly) but I was using fashion to differentiate myself and to feel happy and comfortable. My clothes let me feel that I could be true to myself in what seemed an alien environment.

My mother bought my clothes back then and she went along with my whims partially because she is a pacifist and partially, I think, because she was aware that for many people, myself included, fashion is an important component of identity. Wearing what I want helps me to feel like myself and to be the person I want to be. And if that person is unusual so be it. Nowadays, as I feel more settled in myself, my style has relaxed. I still don’t see the appeal of looking the same as everybody else but I don’t burn to stand apart. I simply do my own thing and wear the clothes that I find beautiful, interesting or inspiring, just like my child self did. Sometimes I’m ‘on trend’, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes my mother approves, sometimes she still sighs ruefully.

So there you go. Happy Sunday afternoon.

Chuck x

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Image Vomit

So yeah, I'm going a bit Tumblr on your asses today. Many images. Still some text though. Occasionally I dabble with the idea of starting a Tumblr account but then I remember that I like to ramble. Tumblr isn't a platform particularly suited to the verbose. I likez the words. I didn't want to narrow my Favourite Friday Fings down to five this week though. I've seen lots of things I've liked/enjoyed in the last seven days and they all deserve a little bit of space in my wee corner of the internet. Basically, here are some good things.

Magdalena Velevska's name is new to me but I'm enjoying her AW12 collection. There is more than a hint of Tisci/Givenchy which I always find irresistible! Via Oracle Fox.

Continuing on something of a neon theme, this neoprene dress is super cute. I mean, drop waist and ruffles ain't going to do me any favours but I can imagine it looking great on other people. Three Floor have lots of other interesting things too. I had come across them before but never paid much attention to them until one of my friends remarked on their price point. I had assumed they were quite expensive, one of those 'mid-price' (£300+) labels, but actually they fall somewhere between Topshop and Whistles. The yellow dress is £68 which I don't think is bad at all. I'm almost definitely going to buy something from them if I ever have any money/they do a good sale.

I want something big and sparkly to jazz up my beloved collection of grey marl and stripes. This glass crystal necklace is exactly the kind of thing I have in mind.

Also from Etsy, this scarf by Pauper Voile is lovely. When it comes to aesthetically pleasing motifs, swallows and grandiose cathedral architecture have got to be some of the best. I also really like the gorgeous Blake/Rilke scarf which I first saw over at Mallory's.

This Schott Perfecto x Pendleton is crazy good. I know less than nothing about the collaboration but I want to see more! Via That Kind of Woman.

I was blow away afresh by Phoebe English's work when I read Susie Bubble's post on her this week. These lookbook images are jaw-dropping and such beautiful behind the scenes pictures... I insist that you read the post.

I read an excellent review of J. Edgar and W. E. on the New Statesman website. Very funny.

More Honor Pre-Fall 2012 just because I love it.  

This necklace is the Vamoose just, you know, playing around. Man, I wish my idles plays looked like that! I really hope this makes it to her shop because it is so simple and rough but gorgeous. Once again it would look great with a nice bit of grey marl. Everything looks great with grey marl...

I am thrilled by the return of MasterChef! Idiotic tv but I love it. So much food! This Buttery Biscuit Base video/track makes me laugh every time I watch it (must be on my fifteenth replay by now). Also, WARNING, it is ridiculously catchy - I've had it stuck in my head fairly consistently for the last fortnight. Funny Big Pudding Face.

So there you go. Many good things all for your delectation. I hope you have great weekends.

Chuck x

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IRL and Not So Much

In real life, apart from battling with January blues and overwhelming multitasking, I've interviewed another of my favourite bloggers for the Oh Comely website. This time it is the brilliant Ismay Ozga. Her blog Two Two Oh Four is a consistent delight. It is always inspiring and quiet and beautiful. Oh yeah, and she is an illustrator, photographer and jewellery designer. I keep getting excited when I see Paper & Chain jewellery on places like! Basically I think she is awesome. Read the interview here.

In my imaginary/internet life I have been feeling nostalgic about school. This is all Raf Simons' fault. I was thrilled to leave school but the images for his pre-fall collection are very seductive. Enough about them is familiar that I can glorify my memories into comparative snapshots of intellectual, collegiate, lady bliss. There was certainly a lot of lounging around with the gal pals, plenty of books and navy and cuddles and even the odd wood-paneled room. We were definitely not this stylish though. We were very scruffy - lots of ripped tights, muddy shoes and unbrushed hair. Also, pjs, hoodies and slippers. We were a natty bunch! Those were comfy days though, whatever else they were not...

Chuck x

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Note to Self

Man, life is full of challenges and disappointments at the moment. Clearly 2012 is going to be character building (that's a polite way to put it anyway). Luckily there is safety in numbers and comfort in beauty. It is reassuring to see that lots bloggers are having shitty Januaries. Not that I want anyone to have a shitty January but it is good to know that you are not alone! And Matthew Kavan Brook's beautiful and affordable prints are a lovely, salient reminder to appreciate the good things around you. I should carry one of these around with me. Via the consistently inspiring Miss Moss.

Sorry that things have been a bit brief/incoherent/mopey here of late. At least some of that should ease up from this weekend.

How is your January shaping up?

Chuck x

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coats and Colour Combinations

Jonathan Saunders has started designing menswear. Unsurprisingly it is awesome. I'm not sure if the boyf is ready to wear this but I am definitely ready to steal it. Bomber jackets are everywhere at the moment. They don't generally do it for me but these are rather smart. I particularly fancy the brown and navy on burgundy number. Brown, burgundy and pale pale peach - who da thunk? Love the unexpected colour combinations and print clashes. Classic shapes made interesting. Beautiful trousers. Great fabrics. Bottom right coat.

I seem to have lost the ability to speak in full sentences. Oh well. The collection is relatively self-explanatory.

Good night.

Chuck x

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

I haven't done one of these in over a month! Crazy how time flies. Also, our internet has been down for the last two days which was very frustrating. There were things I wanted to blog about and I've probably forgotten about them now... To give them credit TalkTalk were actually quite helpful when I got round to calling them. BAD bad hold music though. Painful stuff for first thing on a Saturday morning.

Clockwise from top left:

1. I have been meaning to blog about Honor's Pre-fall 2012 collection for a long time. The tab has been sitting on my browser looking at me accusingly for the best part of a month. Since apparently I haven't got round to actually doing it though I thought I would bung them up on here as a I sign of good will. I fully intend to come back to them. It is a lovely collection - there are some very pretty dresses but also some great separates and coats that I could definitely live in. This pink and red combo is frickin' awesome. It sets your teeth in the best possible way. I just need a really poppy red top so I can imitate this. High possibility it might scare people but it would be worth it. Check out the rest of the collection (if you haven't seen it already) on Fashionista.

2. Willis Earl Beal will send you a drawing if you write to him. As he gets more popular he is going to be kept pretty busy, I imagine. I would like a nice drawing. Until I have enough free time to right though I will just content myself with his beautiful song Evening's Kiss

3. Kate Arend's post on how to throw a proper pity party was one of the best things I read on the interwebz this week. She recommends that you embrace pity as a stepping stone to acceptance. If you are going to wallow then do it properly and with appropriate time limits. Book in an evening with a your bestie, hire a weepy video, find some topnotch knitwear, bring chocolate, ice cream and plenty of alcohol and enjoy yourself. Sounds like a good night to me.

4. I loved these Madewell x Le Minor dip-dyed Bretons when they were full price. I love them even more now they are less than half price. $105 to $49.99... I'm having serious thoughts about the black/green one. [Edit - they don't deliver to the UK. Boo.]

5. These Dieppa Restrepo gold Oxfords are lovely. Look at the hearts and the rose gold tones... They'd look great with everything, right? Adorbz. Originally admired at Ventricular Projects

Happy weekend. Things to do now! Blog love.

Chuck x

Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Clothes I've Worn

1. Scarf:H&M - Jumper:Whistles - Cords:Uniqlo - Boots:TS
2. Scarf:Accessorize - Jumper:H&M - Belt:Beyond Retro - Skirt:AA - Boots:TS
3. Cardi:Land's End (best ever) - Tshirt:UO - Leather skirt:eBay - Loafers:eBay
4. Scarf:Accessorize - Jacket:TS - Skirt:eBay - Boots:TS

Yeah, another lazy post! Partially this is just an excuse to show off my new Topshop boots (pics 2 and 4). They have been my only sales buy and they were unintentional but glorious. I steered clear of most of the sales because I have zero moneyz but accidentally wandered into TS a while ago and these were sitting there alone and in my size batting their metaphorical eyelashes at me. They were so beautiful and so beautifully reduced and I couldn't not buy them. I've worn them at least four days every week since I bought them. I don't even feel guilty about buying them (I feel guilty about buying most things at the moment, including but not limited to food, travel cards, occasional drinks at the pub...) because they so perfectly filled a gaping hole in my shoe wardrobe - winter work shoes. My brogues are falling apart, my other boots are too scruffy and my feet get cold in my loafers. The trainer collection that I amassed at uni is going largely unworn and party shoes aren't the answer.

The above outfits are my versions of work clothes. I've worked at a whole bunch of places in the last couple of months - places that require entire, separate work wardrobes and places where I can wear my scruffy student clothes. Some of these places require a middle ground though. Suits and stilettos don't fly but neither do jeans and trainers. I've been working on ways to smarten up my actual, living wardrobe. I don't want to wear my boring 'office' clothes but I do want to look relatively professional. It is a question of seeing what is transferable - what can be made smart, how I can sneak my personal tweaks into grown up clothes. I'm quite enjoying it really. The boots have definitely helped! I must try to wear less black though...

How do you incorporate your real clothes into your work clothes? Or do you like to keep them separate?

Chuck x

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sleight of Hand

Tired. Stressed. Frazzled. Possible lingering winter illness? Still, it is good to be busy. I don't have much inspiration left for here though which makes me sad. Possibly I only have a finite amount? Possibly I just need to be more organised? We shall see, I suppose.

In the meantime, allow me to distract you with the work of Scottish illustrator KT Smail. She draws 'tragic girls with broken hearts, faraway lovers and dusty dresses'. Dreamy, yes? I want to drift into her world for a few weeks or hours and feel refreshed. Also, I want proper eyebrows. Not much I can about that though. They always look weird when I try and draw them on...

Anyway, I hope you've had a good weekend.

Chuck x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aural Love

Great video. Great cover. Great song. LOVE this. 

I suggest you listen to it on repeat until those around you get so bored of it that they thump you.

In other news, I now have 'threaded comments'. I know. Big woop. Not that I asked for them but maybe they'll be good? Here's hoping they don't break my blog again. Apologies to anyone who tried to leave me comments earlier today. Please come back and share your thoughts, I don't want to miss a single one.

Edit: Although threaded comments are now working in Chrome and Safari (I can't vouch for Firefox), Internet Explorer is still playing up. My suggestion is that IE readers change browsers because Chrome is great but in case you aren't willing to adapt your habits for little old me (fair enough, I suppose...) I have changed to pop up comments. Apparently that is a way around the issue but I don't really care for them. Lots of people seem to like them though. Any thoughts? 

Time to hit re-play now. 


Chuck x

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look Here

Pedro Lourenço Pre-Fall 2012 via Fashionising vs. Gorgeous Street Gal via Stylelist

Two different but lovely looks. Equally ladylike. Lots of things I admire about both - the bold ombré, the sleek and collarless coat, the shiny shiny sunglasses, the thick grey tights, the ankle straps, the stripes, the dream skirt, the gentle palette and the sweet take on the trench... They make me want to try 'lady style' again. It is something I struggle with though, I am simultaneously too scruffy and too womanly. My body has no straight lines so sleek, clean cuts bulge ominously. Frustratingly lots of the pretty, ladylike looks only work on slim gals. I guess there is a distinction between girly clothes and womanly clothes. The beautiful Pedro Lourenço coat would be a disastre on me!  Also, I'd button it up wrong and stuff things in the pockets and chuck it over my chair and it would get all rumpled and inelegant. As is often the case, street style might prove a more realistic inspiration. A little less neat, a little bit more casual. This is something I could maybe try? The coat is a touch too twee for me but the skirt is fantastic. Seriously, I love that colour - it's not cornflower, it's something else... Pale Powder, Parma Grey, Dix Blue maybe? I might try and get my pretty on some time. Only a little bit but girly nonetheless. 

What do you think about girly, pretty 'lady style'? Does it make you feel delightful or vaguely uncomfortable? 

Chuck x

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Sunday Book: The Marriage Plot - Jeffrey Eugenides

You know how when you look forward to something for aaages it will inevitably be a little bit disappointing? Even if it turns out to be awesome it will rarely be as good as in your head? Well, this wasn't like that. I read Middlesex when I was about 17 so I have been looking forward to his next novel for, say, five years. That is time to build up quite a head of excitement. Still, I was prepared for his new book not to meet my hyperactive expectations and I was prepared for it not to be as good Middlesex; I was not prepared for it to be rubbish. That was a shock.

It was a shock that I had been braced for by a slew of poor reviews but the startling mediocrity of The Marriage Plot still hit me like a cold fish across the face. Preparation vs. expectation is not a fair fight. It wasn't just a bit of disappointment; it was a lot of disappointment. I don't know why he did this to be. I believed in him, I wrote my dissertation on him and then this... Eugh.

Just to clarify, this isn't the worst book I've ever read, nowhere near. Eugenides is still a master of narrative and the story zips along and draws you in. I bombed through it after Christmas and I'm sure plenty of people will  think it is fine. I can't imagine that anyone will think it is great but some/most will, I imagine, find it unobjectionable. Not me though, I object. I'm willing to admit that for all its brilliance Middlesex is flawed, particularly in respect to gender and sexuality. But, for me, its brilliance, its imagination, its ambition and its narrative drive, far outweighed its flaws. The Marriage Plot is all flaw, no brilliance though and so much that was politically dubious about the previous novel seems to have been magnified ten fold by the ten years it took Eugenides to write this book.

Gosh, he comes across as a douchebag. Mitchell, one of the two male components of the central love triangle, is so blatantly and narcissistically a portrait of the artist as a young man that it makes me want to bang my head against a wall until I pass out. He is a nerdy (check), Detroit born (check), Greek-American (check) student at Brown (check) who spends the majority of the book resenting the hell out of the female lead for having the gall not to love him. How dare she?? Women always choose the bad guy, gah, aren't we typical? We want brawn over brain because we are shallow and sex crazed but don't worry because we shall be punished for enjoying sex. And, when the bad guy inevitably reveals his badness (by, say, having a massive mental breakdown - bastard) we won't even see it though, we shall cry and run back to our parents because our love is superficial and we are useless and weak and pathetic!

Yeah, the gender politics got up my nose a bit... Madeline is just such a wet blanket. She barely makes any positive decisions in the book, she is carried along by those around her [SPOILERS]; she writes the thesis her tutor tells her to, she takes the class the cool kids take, she follows Leonard to Cape Cod, she calls her mother when he disappears in Europe, she sits there like a pudding when he leaves and doesn't even try to call him despite the fact that he is clearly unwell. They don't even get a divorce - they get an annulment organised by Madeline's father. This passivity is admired and occasionally criticised but never questioned. It is very frustrating as is the way that Eugenides seems to think that an ability to quote complex feminist theorists entitles him to be as sexist as he likes. He sneers at Luce Irigaray and Hélène Cixous and their passionate female students. He disdains attempts to re-think the all-male cannon but positions himself as the enlightened man. Feminism is apparently invalidated by its fundamentalists. Eugh eugh eugh.

There is actually some interesting mental illness and religion stuff going on in the novel but I was and am too riled by the gender bidnez to be able to discuss it intelligently and give it the time/space/energy such topics deserve. Please can someone else write about them? Also, because I'm tired from my rant, can someone please call him on the whole marriage plot thing and the epic failure that was his attempt at the genre? If you are going to place yourself alongside Austen you'd better bring it. Eugenides did not bring it - it was not brung. All mouth, no trousers.

Clearly this book left a sour taste in my mouth so I can't recommend that you read it. But... I do want to discuss the book with people. I don't have a seminar group to work this stuff out with any more. So if anyone has read this then please tell me what you think, of the book, of my take, of the theory. We can disagree, it will be awesome. Let's talk.

Chuck x

Saturday, January 7, 2012

IRL and Not So Much

In real life, apart from just eating lots of pitta bread and hummus, I've recently been working with Oh Comely  magazine. My love of the magazine goes back a long way - you can read more about it here . If you haven't come across it I would highly recommend it (obviously). It is beautiful and awesome and I'm not just saying that. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I got to interview the lovely Charlie May of Girl a la Mode  for the Oh Comely blog. She was/is a delight and if you are a fan I would suggest that you check out the interview asap.

In not real life, in my imaginative life, I'm wearing lots of Acne pre-fall and looking ace. Seriously, a cracking collection only made better by the lookbook styling. I like that it is clean and feminine but not girly. I don't feel that comfortable being über ladylike... Admittedly the full skirt is something that I would admire on other people rather wear/be able to wear myself but everything else would fit into my wardrobe immediately and very nicely. Sure, they'd be slumming it amongst all my eBay and sales purchases but maybe they would enjoy the adventure. Clothes of Acne pf12, come and visit me and stay forever. Trundle your fabric-y way out of shops and wardrobes and into my life. I will love you indefinitely.

(So I'm clearly going a little bit mad. Have a great weekend.)

Chuck x

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vague Consolation

So life has already come along and taken a big dump on 2012. Typical. So much for being the year of awesome. I have been comforting myself by consuming impressive quantities of pitta bread and hummus and ogling beautiful Givenchy coats. You've got to take your kicks where you can find them...
Blissful Givenchy coats. I mean, are these not a selection of the most perfect coats you've seen in a long time?

(On a more positive note, 2012 The Year of Yes is still on. I have bravely said yes to at least three new things. Fingers crossed)

Chuck x

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hypocrisy in Action

I've never done a 'What's in my Bag' post before because, frankly, I think they're ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy perving on other bloggers' handbag contents as much as the next person. There is a weird, voyeuristic interest to them. I particularly enjoy the people who claim to only need a bottle of perfume, a coin purse and a fountain pen. They must be lying, surely you can't live like that? Maybe you can, my mind boggles. But seriously, who wants to see what is in my bag? 'No one,' is the answer. Nobody is interested - true story fact.

Having said all that... I'm going to show you what is in my bag! Surprise! I was having brunch with one of my friends at the weekend and she wanted to borrow my phone - cue handbag search. The preliminary search didn't yield anything so I ended up emptying my entire bag all over our table. Ultimately it was an abortive exercise (the damn thing was in my jacket pocket) but the women at the table next to us seemed so impressed/bemused that it all felt worth while. I thought I might as well let you share in their joy/fear...

Clockwise from handbag (more or less):
  • 2 x lipstick, 2 x lipgloss: I have two 'lip pockets' in my handbag. One always contains the Revlon lipstick and lipgloss either/both of which are my go to discreet lip options and the other normally contains two more vibrant choices. Today we have an orange-y tomato gloss from Topshop and a classic red from No. 7.
  • Marc Jacobs heart mirror, very battered.
  • Jeffrey Eugenides' new novel, The Marriage Plot: this is a hulking great hardback but I got it for Christmas and I've been looking forward to reading it for ages so it is currently taking up an unhelpfully large percentage of my bag.
  • Beloved iPod, quite battered.
  • Wallet, very battered: would quite like to replace this but it will remain in service until it falls apart.
  • Whistles cashmere mittens: a present from my sister for breaking a pair of boots that I lent her. I didn't really like them anyway and the mittens are blissful so this was a win for me.
  • Handcream.
  • Nail varnish: doesn't match the colour I'm wearing at the moment or my previous two or three colours - will be removed shortly if I remember.
  • Heart-shaped headphone splitter: I always think this will come in handy but it hasn't yet...
  • Ephemera: extra large hair clip, kirby grips, pins from a recent up do, button (don't know what garment this originally came from), perfume sample (unmarked - can't remember what it is), drugs (aspirins and anti-histamines), receipts, business card, coupon for tea.
  • USB card thing.
  • Oil blotting sheets: another thing that I always think will come in handy but hasn't.
  • Cruddy phone because I break/lose phones a lot.
  • Harmonica: a present from R in my stocking. I LOVE it, my family already hate it. I can't play it per se but I have big Bob Dylan dreams and I'm really enjoying making loud, atonal noises on it for now.
  • Oyster card, young persons railcard, about four months worth of old train tickets.
  • This year's Moleskin diary.
  • A posh A-Z of London so I can find my way around sans smart phone.
  • My current notebook: a rather smart Petit Prince one.
  • Biro, Sharpie (always useful), Benefit concealer (rubbish - don't recommend).
  • Rosebud Salve: a thoroughly superior lip balm.
  • Silly Putty: much more useful and enjoyable than either the headphone splitter or the oil blotting sheets.
Other occasional handbag visitors: a disposable camera that never seems to get finished and/or my actual camera, some kind of mint or gum, sweets and other food sorts, another pair of my favourite gloves, lone to do lists, nail files, sunglasses, uncomfortable earrings, yet more lipsticks. 

You enjoyed that, right? Now I just need to cram it all back into my magic bag. It has been remarked on more than one occasion that my bag has the impressive Tardis/Mary Poppins quality of being much bigger on the inside. Hence why I like it obviously.

Good, clean, narcissistic fun.

Chuck x

Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolute and Passionate

“Heaven preserve me from littleness and pleasantness and smoothness. Give me great glaring vices, and great glaring virtues, but preserve me from the neat little neutral ambiguities. Be wicked, be brave, be drunk, be reckless, be dissolute, be despotic, be a suffragette, be anything you like, but for pity’s sake be it to the top of your bent. Live fully, live passionately, live disastrously. Let’s live, you and I, as none have ever lived before.”

- Violet Trefusis to Vita Sackville-West, October 25, 1918

An admirable sentiment to begin the year with via Philo*Sofia. Words to ponder and live by (at least a little bit).

Chuck x

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Looking back and looking forward...

Some of my favourite clothes and outfits from 2011
Some of my favourite books of 2011
Some of my favourite things I've cooked in 2011

My general impression of 2011 is that it has been fine. Damning with faint praise really. It hasn't been bad but it hasn't been brilliant. There has been a lot of hard work, disappointments and some interesting new experiences. I have high hopes for 2012 though, let us say. Do or die. I think 2012 has definite potential... My main resolution for next year is to say yes more. 2012 is going to be the year of yes!

Despite slightly bitching up 2011 I can't help but grin when I look back at these photos. There have been lots of good things this year - fashion, fiction, friends and frolics. I've been to Bologna with the fam, Rome with the boyf and Edinburgh with my friends. I've eaten delicious food and read wonderful books and I've moved to London. These are the lovely things that make up life. Hopefully there will be even more of them in the future.

Here's to 2012.

Chuck x