Sunday, December 9, 2012

Random Sunday Thought

As a generation of writers mature who have been plugged into iPods and phones since childhood are we going to lose the sounds in fiction? Is the cost of almost unlimited access to music that we are losing touch with one of our senses and condemning our selves to an incomplete understanding of our environments?

Just something I've been pondering in a possibly pretentious but nonetheless heartfelt way...

Chuck x


  1. This is not pretentious at all, at least not to me. It's actually a very interesting topic, and something I honestly haven't given much thought to - but now I feel I should.

  2. around my age and a couple of years younger was the last generation to experience no "new" medias and all of them coming into play. i do miss the simpler times and when i see young dudes with the gadgets it makes me sad in a way but then i'm reminded it's just me in the future.

    i think it's good we experienced the before, i remember when we were asked in school who had the internet, no one had a foggiest what they were on about