Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Or so the title says. Although, thinking about it, strange title and not really applicable to the film - Dorothy is arguably luckier in love than Lorelei. Anyway, it is such a good film (dubious morality aside) and I had forgotten how funny it was. Marilyn and Jane Russell's fabulosity is unforgettable but it is nice to be reminded now and again. Jane is so smart and sharp and sassy and Marilyn is just evanascent. And the clothes! Such bliss. There are going to be more posts where these came from btw, it took a lot of will power on my behalf not to screenshot every twenty seconds of every shot these two appear in...

For London-based Marilyn lovers, there is a mini photo exhibition at the National Portrait gallery. It is only a single room but the photos are lovely and it is free. Worth popping into briefly if you are in the area and fancy a face full of wonderful.

Chuck x