Friday, October 12, 2012

Piercing Possibilities

I want a new piercing (hi Muv, chuffed much?). I fancy a variation on a forward helix piercing but I don't know where to get it done in London. I want to go to someone with a considered eye and some beautiful jewellery options. Really I want to go to J. Colby Smith at New York Adorned but that seems a little far to travel...

Any London recommendations out there?

Chuck x


  1. I really want a new piercing too, I had one done a few months ago but it wouldn't heal.

  2. I got a new one this summer and went to a serious tattoo parlor for it - they did an awesome job and it was the most sanitary piercing I've received

  3. love this piercing!!
    I invite you to follow my blog on , hope that you like it!!
    kisses Marika

  4. These are some really nice piercings and I especially like the first one. My daughter might be interested so I will send her a link to this blog.

  5. I love, love, love piercings!!! You carry yours gorgeously!