Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Article Reading Group

Be The Overflow, Pockets Full Of Stones.

  • I find adolescence and our current cultural obsession with it very interesting. I'm mulling over some thoughts about it at the moment. Rachel Monroe tackles the subject from the angle of lust and obsession in her fab article Killer Crush: The Horror of Teen Girls, from Columbiners to Beliebers. A great read. She's right - teenage girl do rock obsession like no other. For all that people worry about young girls on the internet it was also kind of made for them. I collaged pretty heavily in my early teens but  was still limited by physical practicalities. Between Polyvore and Tumblr and Pinterest the interweb has exploded the possibilities for youf collage - the above from glamorouszombie is a thing of glory!
  • Because I needed a reason to love Hilary Mantel more. Larissa Macfarquhar's New Yorker profile, The Dead are Real, is everything you could want from an author profile. Work, life, art. She started writing A Place of Greater Safety at 23 - 23! Manchester, Botswana, the Middle East. Ghosts, illnesses, history. Next up The Giant, O'Brian. Via Jessica Stanley's consistently excellent Read. Look. Think.
  • Speak of the devil... Suddenly everyone wants New Yorker style content. Only one catch: Who is going to write it? PandoDaily raises a good question. Historically the internet has valued speed and quantity of content over quality but perhaps that is changing. Apparently Tumblr wants to start paying for great writing but the closure/downsizing of traditional magazines and newspapers mean that there aren't any/enough trained writers to step up to the plate.  Part exciting, part depressing, all thought provoking. I'm not sure if I agree with everything in the article but certainly something to consider...
I haven't done an article post in ages. It's about time. So, have you read anything good recently?

Chuck x


  1. You always pick really good reads from the web - will be back tonight to read everything properly.