Saturday, October 20, 2012

Accessories of Glory

It's all about the accessories, daaaaaaahling. Any talk of accessorising inevitably makes me think of Patsy in Ab Fab. This is obviously a good thing. The pleasures of the joyous examples above are fairly self-explanatory. They add the touch of absurdity that, in my opinion, every outfit needs...

How could you not grin regularly with these adorning your person?

Chuck x


  1. Those socks are Fracking awesome. Do you think they're sacrilegious? Because they're so great

  2. the nails are brilliant, monobrow and all

  3. How totally amazing are your finds? I feel like those nails should be in a museum (museum of kitch maybe, but still a museum!)

    xo Mary Jo

  4. But if I had Frida on my nails & I so much as chipped a corner I'd feel like she was totally mad at me for fucking up her face. & would be staring at me angrily from the other nails for the rest of the week. Too precious for everyday life?

  5. Such cool finds! Especially the nails have me very excited<3