Sunday, September 2, 2012

Three Words

I floated three inches off the ground for the week after I first said ‘I love you’ romantically. I had said the words before of course, to friends and family, to my dog and drunkenly to strangers at parties, but this was different. This time the words meant something new and special. They had been a hot, prickly weight in my chest for weeks before I had uttered them; speech loosed them and left me unanchored, free from gravitational constraints.

I wrote a mini piece for the Something Fine project. It's a lovely idea and you can browse the archive or read my submission in full here.

Chuck x


  1. aw this is so incredibly sweet!


  2. lovely idea that. not really my sort of thing as I find it quite hard to really absorb stuff like this online rather than print (unsure why but don't hold it against me).