Friday, September 14, 2012

Go Graduates

Photography: Nikolay Biryukov / Make-up and hair: Marina Keri / Model: Laura O’Grady / Styling: Olga Kuryshchuk / Fashion assistant: Bella Catling
It's fashion time again. I'm not feeling particularly excited yet but perhaps this is because we've only had New York so far. I always find NYFW a bit of a snore. There are a couple of shows that I'll keep an eye on (Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Rodarte...) but, for the most part, I find it too beige and safe to be thrilling. That isn't to say that there aren't masses of nice, wearable clothes on the runways and in the showrooms of New York but there's not much that gets my blood racing. Possibly it's misplaced patriotism but London is where it is at as far as I'm concerned. Young talent and young brands doing creative and exciting things. Funding opportunities and a willingness to test boundaries and push taste forward. Being different. I am actively looking forward to next week's shows. 
Central Saint Martin's is really a flagship for young British talent and this photo shoot focuses on the work of current students and graduates. It's such a high quality shoot, the clothes and styling look great, the model is weird and beautiful - nothing about this says university production. An excellent way to get in the mood for LFW.
Chuck x 


  1. ah yeah i forgot about your graduate posts, looking forward to lnd ones more i must say too.

    you should get the roadside america book, it's immense

  2. Fantastic shoot - the model's piercings kinda freak me out though!

  3. Holy crap that is STUNNING! The piercings really add to it! x

  4. London will always be cooler than NY, fact! xx

  5. That's an amazing fashion shoot - thank you for sharing it!

  6. Sometimes I find the graduate show a little try hard. Because obviously St Martins thrives on creativity over say... workmanship? That sounds like they're badly made. More that everyone I know who has been there says they wish they knew or were taught more technical stuff. But this shoot is amazing. Definitely the best of the best.

    Oh & agreed on the New York side, they should go back to being last...