Monday, August 27, 2012

On Brunch

Brunch is awesome. It's like breakfast but you can have multiple courses and invite people over. I recently road-tested a birthday present - the Clinton St Baking Company Cookbook. According to the lovely friend who bought it for me and who knows these things, this NY cafe and bakery does the best breakfast in the world. The book is certainly mouth-watering. I tried the American pancakes which were reliably good and their signature buttermilk biscuits which were delicious. They took five minutes to make and fifteen minutes to bake and they formed an exciting new base for crispy, streaky bacon and fried eggs. As a Brit, I don't have a history with American biscuits and I still don't really understand the difference between a biscuit and a scone but I did enjoy these a lot. They were quick and fluffy and butter soaked into them excellently - they're a super easy alternative to making your own bread for breakfast.

We didn't have every single brunch trimming but we had a lot. It was goooood.

  • Fresh, hot biscuits, bacon and eggs
  • American pancakes with maple syrup
  • Coffee with frothy milk, pots of tea, orange juice

Chuck x


  1. amazing, can I come round for brunch? the pancakes look great x

  2. MMm mm biscuits are some of my favourite thing - with gravy too!

  3. I've never done Brunch before, must.

  4. Sounds so delicious and looks mouthwatering...