Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

Clockwise from top left:

William Morris Tampons made me laugh. Who doesn't enjoy a nice history of art joke? They are the gloriously silly creation of illustrator Rosa Middleton, a 2012 UWE graduate. It is probably a bad idea to stick dyed things up but then bleached things aren't great either so maybe an art deco tampon isn't such a bad idea. Via Jess' new tumblr, neonpeg.

You should read I Wish My Mother Had Aborted Me. Everyone should. Especially pro-lifers. Lynn Beisner sensitively explains the difference between “the best choice for both my mother and I would have been abortion” and “I wish I had never been born.” Although she is in a good place now, she acknowledges that given her and her mother's history of abuse, poverty and emotional trauma, an abortion would have been the best option for both of them. She scuppers those self-important people who tell stories of how their mothers nearly aborted them and isn't it a miracle for humanity that they didn't. Very moving.

The design and imagery for Diana Orving's AW12 collection is so harmonious and beautiful. I wouldn't necessarily wear the dresses, they aren't very me, but they photograph beautifully. So elegant and vaguely Grecian. Via the consistently lovely Vamoose.

Roxane Gay's joyous post on Step Up 4, Yes, Step Up Revolution is a Quest Movie, made me snarf with laughter. She too loves (genuinely and not ironically) a dance movie and she is very very funny. A new favourite internet writer. Her film posts are uniformly hilarious.

Speaking of which, the Amazon UK customer reviews of Bic's new line of biros 'For Her' are excellent. The virtual air is thick with sarcasm and absurdity and rightfully so. I mean, really. Gender marketed (i.e. pink and purple and squidgy and sparkly) biros?? What is the world coming too. Hopefully Bic are deeply embarrassed. 

Chuck x


  1. Buying that book asap! Thanks, I love books that openly discuss abortion rights.

  2. huh that sounds really interesting! that tampon thing made me laugh


  3. Ahaha that tampon thing made me snort coffee out of my nose.

  4. HAHAH those William Morris tampons are awesome

  5. Chuffed for a mention. I saw the bic stuff going round tumblr, now this is funny. The petition to boycott lego for girls, a little extreme! That story on abortion is Thank you so much.