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A while back I did a Hair post detailing all the hair care products I owned, which I'd used and which I'd loved, what I had thought about them all etc. Now I am giving Body a go and the results are pretty different. While Hair highlighted my slightly alarming hoarder tendencies, Body is positively minimal. I don't care substantially more about my hair than my body so I don't understand why I have approx 700 products for the former versus 4 for the latter, but there you go. I actually have pretty easy-going hair but very dry, quite sensitive skin so if anything my body needs more attention, although I am admittedly lazy when it comes to both. I suspect (know) there are quite a lot of half finished bottles of moisturiser at home home but somehow they haven't migrated to London. I use the below four products regularly and I probably only use four of my hair care products regularly (Pantene/John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo + Conditioner, dry shampoo, hair oil, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, if you're interested...) so maybe it all balances out. 

Anyway, this is what I'm using and enjoying on my boday, because I know you are all on the edge of your seats....

  • It's Raining Men Honey-rich Shower Gel - I don't really buy myself products from Lush because a) they're not cheap, b) I have no interest in bath bombs and c) the shops make me feel nauseous at fifty feet. I know that a select group of zealots think that Lush shops are the best thing that has ever happened to the high street but the smell is always so overwhelming that it makes me feel faint. I held my breath to dive in and buy my henna when I was still using it because it is a great product and there aren't many easily available alternative sources for henna but it would have been a much less harrowing experience if they had turned their odour settings down from 11 to, say, 3... Anyway, despite all that, I won this shower gel in a blog giveaway ages ago and I really like it. It is quite strongly scented but in small quantities, in the otherwise unscented haven of my bathroom it is pleasant rather than sick-making. It is honey and 'exotic flowers' - rosehip, lotus flower and tiger lily infusion, sweet wild orange oil and bergamot oil among ingredients. I think it kind of smells like Starburst but less sugary and more honeyey. Despite the scent, I find that it doesn't aggravate my skin (admittedly I don't use it daily, maybe only a couple of times a week) so thumbs up. I might even get it again if I online delivery is reasonable. Yumz.
  • Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil - Man, this stuff should come with a warning. It is a knockout moisturiser but it is quite high maintenance. It is very sticky and you will slide off yourself/furniture and leave grease trails all over your clothes/bedding for at least two hours after application. It is kind of gross but, if you are prepared to risk the inconvenience and slather yourself in it when still damp from a shower, you will feel the effect for days. Possibly the only moisturiser I've ever used when you still feel moisturised days later. Other downsides - highly scented but not in a pleasant way like the shower  gel. This has a very sweet cocoa butter smell that stays with you almost as long as the moisturising effect. Great if you like cocoa butter but I've gone off it in the last few years and it irritates me when moisturisers interfere with my perfume. Also, I bought this as a body oil and it isn't one - take note.
  • Jergens Daily Toning Body Moisturiser (win here) - Jergens recently relaunched and they sent me a moisturiser to try out. There is a whole range including Daily Moisture, Soothing Aloe and Original Beauty Lotion so it made me laugh when I unwrapped my tube of Skin Firming. A subtle hint perhaps? I do need to Tone & Tighten... Apparently, 'this moisturiser tightens skin, increasing its elasticity, and reduces the appearance of cellulite - making skin firmer-looking and more beautiful.' I am a big ol' cynic and I don't believe that any moisturiser is going to tone me but I suppose I am firmer, in as much as any decent moisturiser will firm your skin. It is an easy, everyday moisturiser and absorbs quickly although I find that it leaves my skin a bit tacky. I don't think my skin adores it but I haven't had any reactions against it and I'm better moisturised than I've been in a while. The scent is unobtrusive, just kind of clean and moisturisery. I remember reading an article years ago about how French women like their perfumes to smell like bodies and sex and American women like their perfumes to smell like laundry and clean - this is probably one for the Americans. All in all, a decent affordable moisturiser. I have nearly finished the tube (which is quite an achievement for me) and I might well try one of their other moisturisers next.
  • Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil with Colloidal Oatmeal - This is still a fairly new purchase but I like it. It was bought after a third failed attempt to find Oilatum in my local Boots as a treatment bath oil. I like to have a wallowy bath at weekends and I wanted to something to help my skin out. It's been a bit sore and itchy (tmi?) recently and I wanted something soothing and Aveeno products are specially formulated for dry and irritated skin. It smells like a cross between those oatmeal bag handwarmer things that you put in the microwave and babies, which is nice, it makes my bath water all smooth and slippery without just floating on the surface. Don't know yet whether it will make any substantial difference to my skin but it is pleasant to use so that is good.
Does anyone else suffer from dry/sore skin? Do you have anything you'd recommend? Also, am I missing some vital part of the body care routine? What are your essentials?

Chuck x

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  1. I love all things Jergens right now, but my current skin care saviour is Aloe Vera gel bought in Spain...SO good.