Thursday, August 2, 2012

3 videos

Iggy cracks me up. I like some of her stuff, I dislike some of her stuff; I'm not a fan girl but she makes me laugh and I am glad she is doing her mad Australian lady rap thang. Her new video is awesome - she makes an excellent Southern pageant mom (American spelling necessary here). Alex 2tone directed the video and he/she did a top job. Hilarious.

I can't remember whose blog I originally saw this on but their comment was spot on - this video is almost too Dalston Kingsland to be real. There are so many hipster cliches going down that I suspect it may be supposed to be ironic? Who knows. I'm not sure what I feel about this Grimes/Kreayshawn/Tragik/Blood Diamonds (bizarre mixture) collab. I kind of maybe hate it but also I can't stop listening to it? Definitely worth watching to see Grimes doing something a bit different.

So I am a little (an awful lot) behind on this one. This Janelle Monae video came out over two years ago and somehow I have only just watched it. I am now in love with her. She is so adorable and interesting and talented. The voice! The dancing! The suits! I've seen shots of her in her tuxedos in passing before and been unmoved by them but then you see her in action and she looks so great. I want a tuxedo and some saddle shoes and a beautiful white shirt. I'm going to do a proper post on her at some point. In the meantime, this song is crazy crazy catchy.

Chuck x

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  1. Janelle Monae has such impeccable style and is SO CUTE too! Not fair, right?